Loans at a reduced rate in the MoneyLion application

The MoneyLion app is a platform for portable digital devices that offers users zero-interest cash advances. In this mobile bank, users can open credit, deposit, and debit accounts. By installing this app, users can track their financial activity, receive helpful tips on managing money, and improve their financial situation.

Benefits of using the app

1. For daily visits to the MoneyLion app, users earn nearly real money, which can later be exchanged for gift cards from stores.

2. Subscription to favorable low-interest loans. For $29 per month, customers can take out loans at a reduced rate as needed.

3. An alternative to payday loans is an interest-free loan service designed to facilitate another financial transaction. However, it is more of a financial management and planning tool.

4. Investment. Have a fully managed portfolio and automatic investing—all without any asset management fees or minimums, just by using the app.

5. You can track the performance indicators of MoneyLion: Mobile Banking App by day and hour in different countries, categories, and on different devices.

As traditional banks slowly adopt new technologies to meet the growing financial needs of their customers, startups like MoneyLion will continue to emerge worldwide to fill this gap.


Credit Card Reviews

If you want to get a credit card from another bank, it will be useful to check this section. It displays reviews from other users, and you also have the opportunity to post your reviews and comments. Depending on what users are looking for, the cards in this section have their classification.


Registration without a personal number

To register with MoneyLion, you need to provide a phone number because you will receive an SMS with a confirmation code. After the registration is complete, you will be able to fully use the service. In some situations, an additional number may be needed for registration with MoneyLion. In this case, you can buy a virtual number, which is more convenient and cheaper than purchasing a physical SIM card. Primarily, online SMS reception is used to improve anonymity. By using virtual numbers, the user can avoid tracking on the internet.


Buy a virtual number


1. To purchase a number, go to the website, enter your email and register.

2. Click on «Balance replenishment» and enter the required amount.

3. Choose the country and operator.

4. Find «MoneyLion» on the main page or in your account (type in the search on the left).

5. Select the «MoneyLion» number and click «Get a number».

6. Enter all the necessary data on the official website and click «Next».

7. All that's left is to get the code, and you've registered a new profile. Even if you have never visited our site and never bought virtual numbers before, it will take you no more than 3-4 minutes to complete these actions. Also, please note that the number is issued for a limited time (the remaining time is indicated in your account). Virtual numbers can also be used to register in Alipay, Papara, and others.