Create an account on Lazada

Lazada Group is a leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia. Individuals, as well as large companies, can sell on Lazada without any restrictions. Purchased items are delivered to the doorstep or reception.

Advantages of the Lazada online store


To find a specific item, you can use the search engine at the top of the screen or explore various categories to discover a variety of products offered by the platform. You will always be able to find great deals because this platform consistently offers discounts.

The platform frequently offers promotional campaigns from different brands, distributing coupons and gift cards with full purchase security. It includes high-quality products with buyer guarantees, product reviews, seller ratings, and a return policy if the product is not as described.


What can be sold on Lazada

It's important to be aware of the types of products that cannot be sold on the platform. Here is a list of items that are prohibited for sale in the online store:

- Inedible products not complying with food regulations;

- Harmful or repetitive software;

- Any type of weapon;

- Telecommunication equipment;

- Indecent images;

- Gaming products prohibited by law;

- Chemicals/acids/toxins.


Selling conditions

Before registering a new account, several mandatory steps must be taken, applicable to all new sellers. Here is a list of key conditions for those who want to start selling on the platform:

1. A business license is required.

2. Obtain a Payoneer card registered as a business.

3. A dedicated phone number and email address are needed for account registration.


Registration without a personal number

To complete the registration on the online store, it is mandatory to provide a phone number because an SMS with a confirmation code will be sent to it. After completing the registration, you will be able to fully use the service, either buying or selling goods. There are situations where an additional number may be needed, for instance, if you want to promote your business or social media pages, list a product with a discounted price. Also, another number might be required, for example, to obtain a discount, but you don't plan to use that number in the future.


Buy a virtual number


1.To purchase a virtual number, visit the website, provide your email, and complete the registration.

2. Click on «Top up balance» and add the required amount.

3. Choose the country and operator.

4. Find «Lazada» on the main page or in the personal account (enter it in the search bar on the left).

5. Choose the «Lazada» number and click «Get number».

6. Enter all the necessary details on the official website and click «Next».

7. Finally, receive the code, and you have registered a new profile.

In the end, you spent about 4-5 minutes on buying a virtual number and registering on the platform - now you have a new fully-fledged account, and the minimum amount of money was spent.

The cost of virtual numbers with us is much lower than our competitors because we are interested in long-term cooperation. Virtual numbers can also be used for registration on Lidl,, and others.