Virtual numbers Latvia +371 for receiving SMS

The use of SMS messages for user identification during registration on various online platforms is widespread. However, users are not always willing to provide their personal phone number, either due to concerns about receiving spam or the need to create additional accounts. Sometimes, it's necessary to provide a phone number from another country. In all these cases, a virtual number can be helpful.

Virtual numbers from Latvia (+371) are ideal for confidential registration on various global online platforms, including trade, education, and culture. Receive SMS with confirmation codes without disclosing your real phone number.


Advantages of using Latvian virtual numbers

1. Confidentiality: Virtual numbers ensure the preservation of your personal number and protect against privacy violations.

2. Creation of Multiple Profiles: Virtual numbers solve the problem of limited accounts, allowing you to register as many accounts as needed.

3. Bypassing Regional Restrictions: Virtual numbers overcome regional restrictions for service registration, enabling account creation from anywhere globally.


Use Cases for Latvian Virtual Numbers

1. Social Media Promotion and Account Boosting: Virtual numbers are actively used to register thousands of bot accounts that engage in activities such as liking, subscribing, and commenting.

2. Cost Savings on Ad Placements: Compared to paid placements, virtual numbers significantly reduce costs, making it more advantageous to create multiple accounts for publishing, for example, 20-30 ads.

3. Unrestricted Participation in Promotions: Temporary numbers allow repeated participation in promotions offered by various companies for new customers, providing significant discounts, e.g., on delivery or the first order.

4. Access Recovery to Content: In case of a block on a platform, using a virtual number enables the quick creation of a new account and restoration of access to content.


Buy a Latvian Virtual Number


1. Register at and log in to your account. Click the link in the email sent to you to activate your profile.

2. To make purchases, you need to top up your balance. On the main page, click on your username and select «Top up balance».

3. Choose your preferred top-up method and enter the amount.

4. If you want to purchase a virtual phone number from Latvia, select the country from the dropdown on the main page or through your account. Then choose the desired service and click «Get Number».

5. Temporary numbers on our service are purchased for receiving SMS confirmation codes. For standard registration on social networks, messengers, or other platforms, enter your full name, email, and phone number. The SMS with the confirmation code will be sent to your account on Enter the received code to complete the registration on the chosen platform.

By using a virtual number for receiving SMS from Sweden, Finland, Serbia, and other countries, you can successfully register on various platforms and promote your business. Additionally, on our website, you can rent a number. To do this, select «Rent» on the main page, specify the country and rental period. The cost depends on the chosen country and rental duration.