Virtual numbers for registration, an e-commerce platform, ranks among the top five most popular Ukrainian online marketplaces, attracting over 11 million visitors monthly. The platform is particularly renowned for its diverse offerings, including PCs, smartphones, TVs, and various other electronic devices. Here, you can find the products you need, compare prices, and decide where to make your purchase among various online stores.

Your primary allies in product selection are the intelligent filters and buyer guides provided by Additionally, real customer reviews about products and stores, along with various sorting and filtering options, contribute to a comprehensive and informed shopping experience.


Registration on

Aggregator websites are immensely popular among consumers as they allow users not only to select suitable products based on various parameters but also to compare them across different online platforms. Sellers, in turn, reduce the prices of popular items on the aggregator to attract potential buyers while maintaining the recommended prices on their own resources.

Due to its high traffic, many aspire to open their online stores on the platform. Upon registration, you receive a detailed guide for promoting your new platform, along with a personal manager to assist you in the process.


Advantages of

Despite fierce competition in the e-commerce sector, Hotline successfully attracts buyers due to:

  • Intuitive interface;
  • Product segmentation;
  • Store ratings based on reviews;
  • Price comparison capabilities;
  • Price dynamics tracking

When registering a new online store on Hotline, a detailed guide and a personal manager are provided to help the client. This approach expedites the realization of system requirements and launches product offerings on the aggregator.


Why Register on the Platform

For various reasons, users may require multiple accounts on However, registering a new profile necessitates an additional phone number. The most optimal and cost-effective way to register is through a virtual phone number. Virtual phone numbers for registration on can be obtained through the website for as low as 1 ruble.


Buy an Account at the Minimum Price


To complete the registration process, you need to purchase a virtual number. Virtual numbers are used to maintain anonymity online, avoid providing personal information, and efficiently promote primary accounts for business purposes. Here is a detailed guide on how to proceed:

1. Register a profile on

2. Pay the required amount for the virtual number.

3. Choose «» and click «Get Number».

4. The number is purchased. In the subsequent windows on the official website or app, provide all the necessary requested information.

5. Click on the «Get code via SMS» link.

6. Enter the code from the SMS message.

7. The new profile is created.

If you need to register a large number of accounts on, our service allows you to purchase as many virtual numbers as needed. For each new registration, a new number is required. Thanks to our service's minimal prices for such numbers, the purchase will be highly cost-effective. You can also read our article on registering on Ebay for additional insights.