So - make money on social crypto tokens

Taki is a global social network where anyone can earn social crypto tokens simply by participating in the community. Any user can earn with Taki by publishing content and leaving comments. Additionally, the Taki app ( can be used to purchase custom coins to reward others, expand one's audience, and share ownership in Taki.

Taki Task is a simple application designed specifically for planning your tasks. Its main feature, distinguishing it from other apps, is the ability to create custom folders or categories for specific tasks. Furthermore, each task can have photos or videos attached. The interface is streamlined without unnecessary notifications and descriptions — complete your tasks and mark them off right away!


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Taki focuses primarily on earning money and her main focus in the main videos is to create a better community, receiving rewards for users on the network itself. Tokens that can be freely distributed allow for price transfer as the coefficient of friction will be reduced.

With the help of coins, relationships between users and visitors become more stable and create new areas of interaction. Localized organizations provide users with the ability to manage their personal platform.

Taki users have the ability to create coins for users, informing them about availability on social media. networks. The user can use various features of the service, for example, when distributing rewards. Part of the Taki gold that the user has earned will be distributed among the users who purchased the coins.


Virtual Phone Number for Registration

To register an account on various websites, internet portals, social networks, or make online purchases, it is necessary to enter your phone number. Many websites and social networks request a mobile number, which is reasonable from a security perspective. SMS verification reduces the risk of profile hacking.


Buy a virtual number


1. Visit and complete the registration process. If you have visited our site before, simply log in to your profile.

2. Click on «Top up balance» in your profile and add the desired amount.

3. Choose your desired country.

4. Find «Taki» and click «Get number».

5. Receive an SMS with the code to complete the registration.

By purchasing a virtual number, you can register on any necessary resource, such as YouTube, Coinbase, Glo, etc. The same applies to dating websites. If you are in search of your significant other, you don't need to share your number with the first person you meet and risk unwanted attention.

At, you can rent a virtual number at a favorable rate. Rental conditions can be viewed by clicking «Rent» and selecting the desired country, or simply chat with us to clarify all the details, especially if you are interested in long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.