Registration HUYA — Platform for viewing streaming

HUYA is a leading Chinese streaming service with a large and active gaming audience. HUYA actively strives to attract more streaming clubs to its platform, expanding its reach internationally.

More about HUYA

Esports involves professional video gaming where teams compete against each other in tournaments. HUYA is registered on the New York Stock Exchange and broadcasts some of these tournaments, along with other user-generated content. The organization primarily engages in selling virtual gifts to users, who can then send them to streamers.



On HUYA TV, users can watch popular live streams. The platform features streamers with over 1,000 subscribers. Live streams also include a chat where users can interact with each other.

HUYA TV offers numerous live streams directly from content creators, playing games like Minecraft, Dota 2, or Clash Royale. Additionally, the platform hosts channels with various entertaining content, including cosplayers, dancers, and musicians, not limited to gaming.


Registration on

During registration, users need to enter their phone number and password. After completing a captcha, users receive an SMS notification with a confirmation code, which must be entered before clicking the registration button.

After registration, users can fill out their profile information, including name, gender, date of birth, city, and country.



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