Receive bonuses from the Verny store and participate in loyalty programs

Company «Verny» is a rapidly growing retail chain of stores. Each retail network has something unique, for Verny stores, it's attractive offers, fresh buns and bread, as well as a wide range of products under the private label (STM).

The company focuses on offering products at low prices and continuously strives to enable customers to make purchases at affordable rates. Currently, products of in-house production account for 8% of the network's turnover. The assortment in Verny stores is curated so that customers can easily find the products they need, which are also beneficial for them.


Bonus Card

1. 1 point is credited for every 10 rubles on the receipt.

2. Up to 90% of the announced price at the cash desk can be paid with bonus points.

3. Special offers and discounts are provided upon payment.

4. Additional discounts are available for pensioners.

If you download the mobile application, you won't need a separate plastic card – your card will always be in your smartphone, indistinguishable from a regular plastic one.


Accumulation of Points

1 point is credited for every 20 rubles spent if the purchase is less than 500 rubles.

1 point is earned for every 10 rubles on the receipt if the total amount is 500 rubles or more.

Any customer of Verny stores can take advantage of the rewards program for regular customers. To participate in the program, you can purchase or receive a bonus card for free from the cashier, complete the registration, and start accumulating points when making purchases. All the details can be clarified directly at the checkout.


How to Accumulate Points

Buy products at Verny stores.

Always present your bonus card or barcode in the app when making purchases.

Participate in special offers and promotions.

To not only accumulate points but also pay for up to 90% of your purchase with them, you need to register the card. Anyone who has completed the registration has a personal account where you can view the number of points on your individual bonus account and also see the purchase history. We recommend downloading the mobile application – it's a convenient option so you don't have to carry a plastic card with you every time; just show the barcode from your smartphone at the checkout.


Virtual Number for Registration and SMS Reception

Lost or forgot your bonus card? Or need to create multiple accounts or profiles? In this case, purchasing a virtual phone number will help you.

A virtual number is almost the same as a physical SIM card, except that you don't need to provide your passport details or go to a shopping center to make a purchase. The virtual number is issued for a specific period during which you need to register on the required resource.


Buy a Virtual Number for «Verny» Store


1. Log in to your account on or register (email and password required).

2. Click «Top Up Balance» in the menu and transfer the required amount.

3. On the main page or through your account, find «Verny».

4. Click «Get Number». The purchase of the virtual number is completed.

The virtual number can also be used to register accounts with Eldorado, Lidl, Okay, and others.