How to Get Bonuses and i-Coupons from the Indomaret Retail Network

Indomaret is the first and largest 24-hour retail network with over 11,000 stores in Indonesia. The network provides for all daily needs, including food, beverages, health and beauty products, and home goods, totaling over 5,000 product items. You can also purchase transportation passes, travel tickets, and various virtual products at Klik Indomaret.

Indomaret App


In the updated app, purchases have become easier and more interesting:

- Direct payment through i.Saku;        

- Faster app performance;

- Various ongoing promotions;

- Check all active promotions in one click;

- Bonuses with a referral code;

- Completion of missions for rewards;

- More i-coupons;

- Check the history of points, marks, and i-coupons.


Indomaret Promotions

The promotion is applicable only to first-time registered customers. The prize is an Indomaret i-coupon worth 50,000 Indonesian Rupiah. The bonus is provided no later than 7 business days in the form of a numerical i-Coupon code, sent via the official WhatsApp Bank Mandiri to the user's registered phone number in the Livin' by Mandiri service.


How to Get an i-Coupon

Coupons can be used for purchases at Indomaret stores. Each coupon is used once per buyer. The coupon's validity period will be sent to the number provided during registration. According to the program's terms, the coupon cannot be redeemed for cash. This program is not combinable with other promotions conducted in stores. Promotions are non-refundable, irreversible, and irrevocable.


Registration Without a Personal Number

To participate in promotions held in markets and receive i-coupons, download the app from the App Store or Google Play and register, providing a phone number for an individual identification code. Most markets constantly run promotions, award various bonuses, and accrue a large number of welcome points to newly registered users.

To take advantage of a lucrative offer or get a discount, you may need another profile or several profiles. Constantly buying new SIM cards for registration in various services can be quite expensive, so it is cheaper to use a service like buying a virtual number. On our website, most virtual numbers start at a price of 1 ruble.


Buy a Virtual Number for Indomaret


1. Go to and complete a simple registration (only an email address and password are needed) or go directly to the personal account if you have registered on our site before.

2. Click on «Add Funds» and enter the amount needed for the purchase.

3. Choose the country and mobile operator from the drop-down list.

4. Find «Indomaret» on the main page or use the search bar in your personal account for convenience.

5. Click on «Get Number».

6. Enter the required registration data in the app.

7. Receive an SMS and complete the registration.

The number is available for use, i.e., for receiving SMS, for a limited amount of time. You can view all information about the purchased number in your personal account, and if you have any questions, you can write to us in the chat. Virtual phone numbers can also be used to register at Lidl, Okay, M.Video, etc., and receive welcome bonuses, points, participate in promotions, and get discounts.