How to buy a virtual phone number for SMS?

Probably, your first question would be – why buy it? What to do with it? And most importantly, where to get it?

This service will be relevant primarily for those who need individual or mass activation of accounts on social networks and payment systems. After all, it's difficult and expensive to buy a separate SIM card every time, and pulling it out of the phone each time is time-consuming and damages the device. Now you can buy a virtual number for a pittance, but it's quick and reliable.


When choosing a virtual number service, pay attention to the cost, speed of operation, and the presence of automation.

Below is a detailed list to guide you in buying a virtual phone number for SMS:

• Price. Pay attention to the cost; it varies everywhere, and the difference can be up to 150%!

• Service automation. Ideally, everything should be automated and not tied to human work. This speeds up the work a hundredfold and eliminates queues.

• Presence of processing centers in different countries. This also speeds up the work.

• Availability of round-the-clock support.

• Presence of an affiliate program. This is advantageous and convenient for you.

• Convenient depositing of money into the balance.

• Presence of referral programs.


In addition to the above, a virtual phone number for SMS protects you from spam and paid subscriptions. Have you ever encountered sites promising to send you a download link if you provide your phone number for the code? Well, these services are very tricky. At best, they will subscribe you to paid services or attack you with spam emails, and at worst, they will do all that and also deduct all your money from your account. In such cases, a virtual number is simply essential. It protects you from scammers and spam.


How to buy a virtual phone number for SMS?

You just need to fill out the form on the website, deposit money into your balance, and you're ready to start receiving SMS through your account.