Buying a virtual number to receive SMS will take you 20 seconds!

Progress doesn't stand still, and every day brings new services. In the past, to have multiple mobile numbers, one needed to have as many mobile phones or constantly change SIM cards. Now, all it takes is to use a service, and you can have as many numbers as you want.


We invite you to use our service and buy a virtual number for receiving SMS. In what situations can this be beneficial for you?


1. If you need mass or individual activation of accounts on social networks or payment systems.

2. If you need to have multiple accounts on social networks.

3. If you don't want to receive spam messages.


What are the advantages of buying a virtual number from us?


1. Low price. If you find a lower one, we are willing to discuss it.

2. Our service is fully automated and not dependent on the human factor. This means that all services will be provided precisely, on time, and without delays. We never use manual labor.

3. 24/7 service support.

4. The processing center is located in different countries, avoiding failures and significantly speeding up the operation. Multiple data processing centers on different continents ensure uninterrupted site operation.

5. Flexible partnership program.

6. Money can be added to the balance using a vast selection of payment systems. You can top up as it suits you.

7. Referral program.

8. A virtual number will protect you from spam and scammers.

9. Completely secure and anonymous.

10.For developers, we have a separate API for easy integration with the SMS distribution service.

11. The service operation is not affected by mobile network coverage.

12. No storage of personal data, no histories.


To buy a virtual number for receiving SMS, you just need to fill out the form on our website, then add funds to the balance. Everything is ready! The account is ready to receive SMS.

Let's delve into the partnership program in detail. To become a participant, fill out the form in the "Info" section, then go to the "Partnership Program" page, choose the type, and wait for moderator approval. We would be delighted to welcome you among our partners! Don't delay, use the service, or you'll regret the time lost later!