Eyecon for organizing the address book and managing the contact list

Eyecon is a fully-featured alternative to the standard phone dialer application on smartphones. This application allows for the convenient integration of the calendar and dialer into a unified space, simplifying communication.

Eyecon provides various features. Its highly efficient caller identification function enables easy filtering of spam and other unwanted calls. Adding new numbers to the contact list becomes available after just one call.

Additionally, the app automatically attaches photos to your contacts. With this feature, a simple click on the name or photo of a contact allows you to instantly view all images in the gallery associated with that person.


Eyecon App Features

1. Visual Enhancement. The app adds images to your contact list, turning the address book into a colorful album. This facilitates finding contacts when dialing a number and allows you to see the caller's photo in full screen during a call.

2. Efficient Interaction. The ability to connect through VK, Facebook, Instagram, and other services. The app directly redirects to the pages of the desired contacts.

3. Intuitive Experience. The app learns your preferences during usage. The more calls you make to a contact, the higher they appear in the contact list. Preferred messaging platforms are displayed at the top of the list.

4. Availability Check: The ability to find out if a contact is ready for a call without intruding on their personal space. With one button press, you send a request, and the contact indicates readiness with a single click.

5. Individual Image. The option to choose how your photo appears on your friends' phones. The contact list can also be themed in over 25 color options.

6. Daily Image Updates. The ability to play and save photos in the contact list that Eyecon constantly finds for you.

7. Privacy. The option to connect using only a phone number, without synchronizing with external applications and a multi-stage registration process.

Eyecon represents a completely new approach to online interaction and contact organization.


Virtual Phone Number for Registration

To complete the registration in the Eyecon app, providing a phone number for user identification is required. If you prefer not to disclose your personal data, we recommend using a virtual number. With it, you can receive verification code messages from Eyecon while maintaining confidentiality. During the phone number verification process for Eyecon, you will receive a message with a unique code. Inputting this code into the app confirms your account and grants access to the service's functionality.


Buy a Virtual Number for Eyecon


1. Log in to your account on the website https://smsak.org/ or complete a simple registration procedure, taking only 2-3 minutes. You only need to provide an email address and create a password.

2. Go to the «Top up balance» section and deposit the required amount using your chosen method.

3. Select the country and operator from the drop-down list.

4. Find «Eyecon» on the homepage or in the «Ordered numbers» section and click «Get number».

5. Receive and copy the SMS code to complete the registration on the chosen platform.

Additionally, our website offers temporary numbers for use in Spotify, Domino's Pizza, Etsy, and other services.