DoorDash Delivery, Promotions, and Benefits

DoorDash provides food delivery services from restaurants. The DoorDash app launched in 2013 and allows you to order food from a large number of participating restaurants. You can also be verified as a food vendor using this app.

How to Get Started with a DoorDash Account


The first step when using DoorDash is to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play. After the application is downloaded, you need to open it and start registering a new user. To register a new account, you need to enter your name, address, email. mailbox and telephone number. If you have a Facebook or Google account, you can use it to log in. Then think carefully and enter your password.


DoorDash Promotions and Benefits

1. Unlimited $0 shipping fee. The discount applies to your area's top retailers, grocery stores, convenience stores, pet stores, and more. Plus, DashPass members get access to exclusive products and offers, 10% off all eligible orders with reduced service fees, and 5% cash back on eligible orders for pickup.

2. Get delivery from restaurants, grocery stores and more with just a few clicks. Place orders at grocery stores, convenience stores, etc. Easy and fast delivery.

3. Possibility of choosing contactless delivery. To do this, in the application, just select «Tell me» if you want. When you request contactless delivery, the app will indicate that you want to be driven to your destination and will indicate when the groceries can be picked up.

4. Convenient delivery schedule. You can receive your food at a time convenient for you thanks to the ability to pre-order.

5. Real-time order tracking. Track your order delivery online directly in the app. Thanks to a smart application, all the factors that can affect you and your food are observed, from food quality to cooking time, traffic jams and weather.

6. Order as much as you need — the app has a minimum when placing an order.

7. Convenient payment using Apple Pay or credit card.


Virtual phone number for registration

When registering on various resources, you need to view information about yourself, including your phone number. This is not very convenient when, for example, you need to create several accounts or simply do not want to track personal data. In this case, you can buy a virtual number, which is practically no different from a regular physical SIM card.

A virtual number is an affordable solution that differs from a physical SIM card only in that it is issued for a limited time. The period for which the virtual number is issued is displayed in the user’s personal account. If necessary, you can rent out the room for a long term.


Buy a virtual number


1. On go to your personal account or go through the registration procedure — it takes literally a couple of minutes.

2. Click «Top up balance» and enter the required data.

3. The next step is to select a country from the drop-down list, and then manually select an operator.

4. Next, go to «DoorDash» and click «Get a number».

5. Enter the code from SMS and complete registration.

You can also rent a room for a long term on our website.

If necessary, the room can be rented for a long period. To do this, click «Rent» on the main page, select the country and rental period. On our website you can also get registration numbers for Foodhub, Sneakersnstuff, KFC, etc.