Clubhouse - registration at a favorable price

Clubhouse is a social network, an online space where people gather for engaging conversations. The Clubhouse audio chat service has released an official application for Android users. Previously, the social network was only available for iOS systems.

Developers have allowed users to record 30-second snippets of conversations in «rooms». Additionally, users will soon be able to replay entire recordings and share them on other social networks and messengers.

The Clubhouse app has become one of the most discussed topics in Russian social networks. Users sought the opportunity to join this exclusive social network for conversations with Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. Registered participants discussed the unique communication format.


More about the Social Network

The number of Clubhouse employees has increased from 10 to 58 people, and the daily number of rooms has grown from 50,000 to half a million. Since the Android app's launch, the social network has gained an additional 10 million users. Clubhouse's resounding success has led to the emergence of various clones and increased competition, prompting developers to promise more frequent app updates every one to two weeks.

The Clubhouse social network was launched in 2020, featuring audio chats for communication. Access to the app is either by invitation from an existing user or by waiting in line for registration. The creators of Clubhouse revealed that half a million rooms for communication are created on the platform daily, but they did not provide exact data on the total number of users.


Registration Without a Personal Phone Number

Most platforms require users to enter their phone number during registration. However, not everyone wants to disclose their personal number, especially considering its usual connection to payment cards or the absence of an additional number to provide. This situation may also arise if you need to promote your business or advertise on social networks. Purchasing a new SIM card for registration each time is quite expensive, so a more budget-friendly option is to buy a virtual number.


Buy a Virtual Number


1. Provide your email at and complete the registration.

2. Click on «Top up balance» and deposit the required amount.

3. Choose the country and operator.

4. Find «Clubhouse» on the homepage or through the search in your account.

5. Select the «Clubhouse» number and click «Get number».

6. Enter all the required data on the official website and click «Next».

7. Receive the code, copy it, and enter it – you have created a new profile.

For buying a virtual phone number and registering, it took a total of 4-5 minutes. Recently, Clubhouse creators added the ability to send text messages to users, emphasizing the platform's main principle of «sincere communication and expression».

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