Cash Show Features and Advantages of the Quiz Game

Cash Show is an online quiz game with cash prizes. You just need to answer the questions to win. Increase your erudition and thanks to your knowledge you can receive a cash prize. Quiz games are held daily, 3 times a day. After downloading of the application, you can see the game time.

Features of Cash Show


All games are played online, and thousands of players from all over the world can compete with each other at the same time. For each question complete 3 answers and you only have 10 seconds to answer the question. If the outcome is favorable, if all the questions are answered, you can receive a fairly large amount, taking into account the fact that you just need to answer the questions.

In Cash Show you will be asked questions on a variety of topics: sports, geography, science, movies and much more. You must be educated on a wide variety of topics to expect to win. It is not possible to look up the answer to the question on the Internet, because you need to answer in just 10 seconds.


How to conduct Game Cash

1. In each game you have to answer 12 questions with 3 answer options.

2. You will need 10 seconds to answer the question. Once you reach the prize questions, you get a profit for each correct answer. To receive the maximum prize, you must answer all questions correctly.

3. If several players reach the last question, the winnings will be divided between them. But if there is only one winner, he will take all the money.

4. You can play every day, so you can receive winnings every day.

5. Questions must be answered online, so check the game time in advance.

6. The game is completely free. The quiz is also available in Russian.

7. To verify and protect your account, you must enter your phone number. This is necessary to save your data.


Is winning a game real money?

Yes, this is real money. They will be sent to your PayPal account when you withdraw money after winning, regardless of the prize amount. Balances and payouts may take up to 24 hours to update. You can also top up your phone account with this amount.


Virtual phone number for registration

To register in the Cash Show application, you must enter your phone number. Due to this, the user is identified. If you have multiple profiles, you can view different answers to the same question at the same time. In this case, a virtual number will help you.

When you specify a virtual number, you can register a full-fledged account, for use in the future you will only need to enter a password. Even if you don’t manage to get to the final questions, the cost of a virtual number is quite affordable and in most cases starts from 1 ruble.


Buy a virtual number


1. Log into your personal account at or go through a simple registration procedure, which takes literally 2-3 minutes — you only need your email address and enter your password.

2. Click «Top up balance» and deposit the required amount.

3. Select your country and local operator from the drop-down list.

4. Find the «Cash Show» virtual number and click «Get number».

5. Enter the code received from SMS to register in the application.

Virtual numbers can also be obtained for registering accounts at Lidl, BeepCar, Azino777, etc. to receive unique bonuses and various discounts.