Abbott - technologies for quality health care

Abbott Laboratories, or simply Abbott, is an American chemical and pharmaceutical corporation. The company's main objectives include producing high-quality products and finding effective solutions for the most significant healthcare challenges worldwide (present in over 160 countries).

Abbott's primary aim is to develop technologies capable of improving people's lives and providing access to them. Abbott app solutions enable gentle glucose control for individuals with diabetes, real-time monitoring of heart activity, pain reduction, and enhancement of the quality of life for those facing motor disorders.


Activities of Abbott Laboratories

1. Nutrition for health at all life stages.

2. Diagnostic direction. Providing accurate and timely data for self-health monitoring.

3. Vascular equipment. Ensuring heart health using advanced medical technological solutions.

4. Diabetes diagnosis. Enabling a healthier and more active lifestyle for those with diabetes.

5. Medications. High-quality preparations for maintaining overall health.


Abbott Applications

Abbott Compendium. A mobile app-guide for medications, providing the ability to quickly and online access information on drugs and instructions for medication use.

Abbott my a:care (available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad). A personal coach aimed at assisting in battling diseases and adhering to a treatment plan. The app helps form healthy habits, track progress, and provides an individualized treatment schedule.

Abbott Expert Nutrition CF. A mobile app that helps monitor dietary balance and the correct dosage of pancreatin. The app keeps a food journal, tracks key indicators of physical development, and offers an extensive product database, allowing menu planning throughout the day.

Vertigo Coach. A mobile app designed to aid patients diagnosed with vestibular disorders in more efficiently controlling their condition. The app provides useful information to understand the nature of dizziness and includes practical exercises to alleviate symptoms.

You can also download other Abbott apps through Google Play or the App Store.


Registration on Abbott without a Personal Number

To complete the registration on Abbott, it is necessary to provide your phone number, as an SMS message with a confirmation code will be sent to it. After successfully completing the registration, you will be able to fully use the service. Sometimes situations arise when an additional number is required for registration on Abbott. In cases where the service restricts the use of one number for multiple accounts, a virtual number becomes a convenient solution. In such situations, it is often more convenient and economical to acquire a virtual number than a physical SIM card.


Buy a Virtual Number for Abbott


1. To purchase a number, visit the website, provide your email, and complete the registration.

2. Click on «Top up balance» and enter the required amount.

3. Choose the country and operator.

4. Find «Abboutt2 on the main page or in your account (type in the search on the left).

5. Select the virtual number for SMS «Abboutt» and click «Get number».

6. Enter all necessary details during registration.

7. Receive the code, and your new profile is successfully registered.

Even if you haven't visited our site before and haven't purchased virtual numbers, completing these actions will take only 3-4 minutes. Also, note that the virtual number is provided for a limited time (remaining time is indicated in your personal account). Virtual numbers for registration can also be used for M-Panels, Webull, Etsy, and other services.