All functions for effective promotion of VKontakte in one program

Lizard VK Bot

All features for effective VKontakte promotion in one program.


Key Functions of VK Bot:


1. Distribution: Attract a new stream of customers through distribution in groups, comments, private messages, and other methods. 14 distribution modules.

2. Inviting: Promote all your accounts and groups through inviting – friend and group invitations.

3. Mass Liking: Bring VKontakte users to your page through mass liking. When a person sees they received a like, they visit your page.

4. Parsing: Find target customers, thematic platforms, and other data using built-in parsers.

5. Dialogues and Autoresponder: Manage correspondence simultaneously from all your accounts directly in the program or entrust it to the built-in autoresponder.

6. Automation: Automate all routine actions with our program. Tasks such as removing «@» symbols, approving friend requests, etc.

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Light and User-Friendly Interface


Advantages of Lizard:


  • Multi-account and multi-threading: Speed up the work process.
  • User-friendly interface: Save time on setup.
  • Numerous built-in functions: Help avoid VKontakte bans.
  • All features for effective VKontakte promotion in one program.
  • Free 100 rubles anti-captcha key: Provided when you make a payment.
  • Guarantee of stable operation and quality from Lizard Program.