Ultra-fast, convenient and functional VKontakte parser

LParser VK


Ultra-fast, convenient, and feature-rich VKontakte parser


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LParser VK is an advanced VKontakte parser. The program gathers a target audience based on various criteria, analyzes groups, and collects user data. Key features of our VK parser include speed (the ability to collect a large amount of data in a matter of minutes), convenient tabular information output, and bypassing limits set by VKontakte.


VKontakte Parser Screenshots

Advantages of Our VK Parser


1. High Speed: Collects up to 300,000 users in less than a minute in multi-threaded mode.

2. Data Preview: Ability to preview data before exporting directly from the program.

3. Extended Export: Various options and settings for saving collected data.

4. No Restrictions: Bypasses all VK limits; no restrictions.

5. Single Account: Only one VKontakte account is required for operation.

6. Criteria: Multiple criteria for parsing your specific target audience and desired VK groups.

7. Tabular Output: Tabular display of collected data for convenient presentation.

8. Phone and Social Networks Collection: Ability to gather VKontakte phone numbers and logins for other social networks.


Data Collected by LParser VK


VKontakte Group Parser


Group ID, group type, number of members, group openness, wall openness, comment openness, country, city.

Group Analyzer


Wall openness, comment openness, number of members, number of posts, number of links, number of videos, number of post authors, group admins, activity.

User Parser from Groups and Searches


User ID, name, gender, date of birth, country, city, online status, ability to write private messages, device used by the user (Android, iOS, and others).

User Data Parser


Name, gender, date of birth, country, city, online status, ability to write messages, device, phone, social networks (Instagram, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, LJ), website, wall openness, comment openness, marital status.