Register VK without number

It is challenging to overstate the significance of social networks in the life of a contemporary individual. Thematic communities bring people together based on common interests, news groups keep users informed about topics relevant to them, and commercial associations provide opportunities for earning. Within the vast realm of the Russian Internet (Runet), the social network VKontakte (VK) enjoys the highest popularity. It is a domestic platform designed to be maximally comfortable for local users. The process of registering an account on VK is straightforward—simply provide a login, password, email address, and a phone number for SMS authorization.


In the early days, registering on VK without a phone number was straightforward, with the input of a control code being recommended but not mandatory. However, the situation has evolved over time. Nowadays, each user account is permanently linked to a specific mobile number. On the one hand, this virtually eliminates the risk of someone stealing another person's page, as recovering access with a control SMS is easier than ever. On the other hand, the issue of anonymity in this social network is entirely closed—passport details and the identity of a participant are easily determined by the associated phone number. And it's not just about government agencies and court orders—personal data regularly "leaks" into the public domain. Matters such as permanent bans in certain communities due to a casually dropped phrase are not uncommon—losing access to the information that interests you.


For an average user, there is a solution—get another SIM card and use it to create an additional account. Fortunately, the majority of modern mobile phones support dual SIM functionality. But what if you need to create ten (or twenty) accounts? Enter the rental of a virtual number, allowing registration on VK without using a real phone number. The idea is simple—there are websites providing a specific set of virtual numbers. You specify one of these numbers during the registration of a new account, VK sends an SMS with a verification code, and you read it directly on the website, entering it into the required field. Bingo, the account is created! However, there are a couple of nuances to be aware of. Let's first consider the distinction between such websites—commercial and free.


With free services, everything is straightforward—without registration and without depositing money, you get access to one of their virtual numbers. What's the catch? Firstly, it's not exclusive to you—the number is essentially shared, receiving verification SMS from numerous services. It can be challenging to find the specific SMS intended for you. Secondly, a virtual number may become outdated—there might already be an account associated with it on the social network. In this case, you'll have to look for a new service for free virtual number rental and hope for luck.


However, the main drawback is the one-time nature of this procedure. If you want to create a short-lived bot account on VK, renting a free number is an ideal option. But if you plan to use the account for an extended period, it makes sense to turn to commercial services. In this case, a dedicated virtual number will be assigned to you (and only you) for receiving VK verification SMS. This service is particularly relevant for those involved in SMM—social media marketing.


However, the functional capabilities of a virtual number extend much further, from making anonymous calls to sending messages to "hot" or "cold" databases. Once you've determined what you need, you can move on to the next step – choosing a website that offers virtual number rentals. There are plenty of options, both within the Russian-speaking internet (Runet) and beyond. The offerings of foreign organizations providing virtual number rentals rarely differ significantly in terms of functionality, unlike the quality of service. On the other side of the scale, you often encounter higher costs and language barriers. Domestic organizations may lack these downsides, but some of them are outright unscrupulous, with unresponsive technical support being the least of the problems. The conclusion is simple – give preference to companies that have been working in the virtual number rental sphere for several years.


Reading reviews on the website or in social media groups is pointless, as much of this type of material is often commissioned. Explore thematic forums dedicated to SMM – there, you can find a relatively objective evaluation of various organizations. Once you've identified the most attractive companies for collaboration, start examining their commercial proposals. Your goal is to find a balance between the price and the functional capabilities of the virtual number.