How to make money on sim cards

On each SIM card you can earn about 100 rubles. There are no requirements for this type of earnings, but you need to consider that the method is semi-legal. Earnings on >>>> earnings on SMS services<<<<< is not prohibited by law, but problems may arise. To work, you need to purchase SIM cards in bulk. You cannot use your own. After work, the used sim card is usually thrown away. Write to and earn with us
Accounts sale
Some activities require verified accounts. In many social networks and other services, an account can only be verified through a phone number online.
The scheme of work in this case will be as follows:


1. Buy a sim.
2. Log in to all social networks.
3. Open primary and secondary profiles.
4. Submit an advertisement for the sale of accounts.
Simka costs, if taken in bulk, 5-10 rubles per unit. One profile costs from 1 to 10 rubles. If you are present in 5-6 social networks, the profit will be at least 20 rubles from one SIM card.
Working with affiliate programs
This is a legal way to make money on affiliate programs. In most networks, it is no longer valid, but in some it can still be used and earn some money.
The essence of earnings:

1. Post announcements about accepting requests for calls from the affiliate program.
2. Confirm product orders at the request of the customer.
One call is paid in the amount of 20 rubles if the conversation is to be with a robot. If with a living person - up to 30 rubles. Even with 10-15 applications per day, you can earn 500 rubles daily. The work itself will take 1-2 hours a day.
SMS activation
This method combines the previous two.
What should be done:
1. Register a card on a site where anonymous registration is possible.
2. Receive a code to activate accounts.
3. Report the code from sms.
4. Receive money.

For one activation earn up to 10 rubles.

Who will be your client? Sms activator is a resource where a client can get a phone number for a fee and register a service for it. The owner of SIM cards, in order to earn a lot, will need a special modem through which you can work directly with the sms activator. The more sim-cards in work, the higher the income. Gsm modem allows you to insert 4, 8, 16 or 32 cards at the same time, you can buy it on Aliexpress.
So, you have sim cards and a modem. Next, you should connect to sms-activator and leave a request in the support service. They will contact you and explain everything. The earning process is fully automated. It is believed that with this activity, each sim card earns up to 60 rubles per day. Of course, it all depends on the number of clients. The maximum capacity of the modem is 128 cards. With this amount, you can earn solid money.

If the task is really worth making money on a sim card, then you need to use all three ways to earn money. Sooner or later, the SIM card will be blocked, but during this time the owner will have the opportunity to squeeze everything possible out of it.
Order search
There are sites on the Internet where legal and semi-legal ways of earning money are discussed. They need to place an advertisement for the provision of services. For example, the Antichat forum with the section “Mobile communications, sms, buying and selling” is suitable.
On average, you can earn 100-200 rubles on one SIM card. It should be taken into account that some part of the sims from the batch purchased in bulk will be inactive. Another part will be with already registered accounts. Rotating in these circles for a long time, having regular customers, you can earn an income of up to 1000 rubles from one SIM card. To increase income, the card can be resold after registering all accounts, and in this way recapture part of the money invested in the purchase.
Where to buy SIM cards in bulk
Usually SIM sellers work in underground passages. They offer wholesale sim cards. But such volumes are expensive. It's cheaper to buy online. Here, a SIM card costs 5-6 r, if you take a batch of 1000 pieces. There are sites on the Internet that specialize in selling SIM cards. These are imcard-opt, sim-opt and others. Cards are sold here at low prices and give big discounts for large wholesale.
Working with SIM cards is dangerous because, according to the rules for buying a SIM card, you must present a passport or register. If you get on the police when buying, you will have to answer questions why you need a lot of cards. The situation is facilitated by the fact that anonymous sims have a zero balance and cannot receive incoming and outgoing calls. But they accept sms, which allows you to profit from them.
The article did not consider another type of earnings on SIM cards - their resale, when cards are simply taken in bulk, and sold at retail with a cheat. Implementation goes on ads on free boards. Sometimes cards are handed over to mobile phone shops.
Knowing how to make money on SIM cards, you can get a small semi-legal income. Therefore, it is better, if possible, to find a job that is more legal and brings more money.