Wolt - registration by virtual phone number

Wolt is a technology company specializing in food delivery, providing a quick and convenient way to receive delicious food at your doorstep.

In the app, you can track the delivery status in real-time. If you prefer not to monitor the time, don't worry—notifications will be sent to you, as promised by the service, ensuring you know exactly when your order will be delivered.

Wolt Promo Code


The discount code can be used for each unique email address. This code should be entered into the Wolt application and utilized to pay for your order. Conditions for obtaining:

1. The discount code will be sent to your email address.

2. The discount code can be used in the Wolt app to top up your «Wallet» and use it for order payment.

3. The validity period of the discount code balance in the store is thirty days from the time of code entry.


Advantages of Wolt.com

The Wolt delivery service is oriented towards various factors such as high urbanization, income levels, credit card penetration, and more. There are no connection fees for joining Wolt. You have the right to terminate the collaboration at any time and for any reason. Since the company operates on a commission basis, it earns solely from increasing your sales.


What is a Virtual Number?

A virtual number for SMS is a regular number from any operator that allows you to receive messages without the need for a physical SIM card or phone registration with personal details.


How to Register Without a Personal Number

To register on a resource or create multiple new accounts, you need to provide a phone number to receive SMS for confirmation. A virtual number is essentially a regular, standard phone number. This service may be useful, for example, if you need to create an account for business promotion or receive welcome bonuses when registering on a service.


Advantages of Using Virtual Numbers:

1. The number is not tied to a user's specific device, allowing calls and messages from any device.

2. With a higher degree of probability, we can assert that not every website where you register has a good reputation. This is precisely why there is a periodic likelihood that malicious actors may exploit your data.

3. Full use of a regular phone for calls and messages; you can make calls to any subscriber worldwide.

4. Allows the creation of a highly efficient telephony system for overall business success.

5. Preserves the number and familiar code even when changing locations.


Buy a Virtual Number


1. Visit https://smsak.org/. Register by entering your email address.

2. Top up your balance.

3. Choose the country and operator.

4. Find «Wolt» on the homepage or in your account.

5. Click «Get Number».

6. Enter all the required registration details on the main platform and click «Next».

7. Complete the registration immediately after receiving the SMS.

The virtual number is valid for a limited time, as indicated in your personal account next to the number you obtained.