Virtual number for OLX

OLX Service is a platform for free classified ads for buying and selling goods or services. On the website, users can post ads for a wide variety of items, search for and offer jobs, sell pets, look for apartments for rent or purchase, and explore service categories, among other features.

OLX ads can be posted after a simple registration on the platform, allowing users to attach photos of their items, provide descriptions, and include contact details. The service also offers mobile applications for iOS and Android users. Every month, over 350 million people from more than 45 countries worldwide visit OLX.

While many users visit OLX primarily to sell unwanted items, some also use the platform to promote their businesses.


Why Do Users Have Multiple Accounts on OLX?

For effective business promotion, users often resort to advertising their products and services through multiple profiles. This strategy helps users stay in the top listings for free, ensuring more visibility for their products. During registration, a phone number is required for identity confirmation, and this measure is in place to prevent the creation of multiple accounts. However, there are ways to bypass this system.


Which Is Better – Buying a Ready-Made Account or Using a Virtual Number?

The main drawback of a ready-made account is its security. Fake profiles are not suitable for conducting sales, and the service administration consistently blocks such accounts. When using «OLX Delivery», the account may be banned along with the funds from completed transactions.

On the other hand, by purchasing a virtual number, you register an official page, can post products and ads without the risk of being banned. You only need to remember or save the password. A virtual number is essentially the same as registering with a physical SIM card, but without the need for one. The cost of such a number is much lower than a ready-made profile, usually not exceeding a few rubles. The process of acquiring a number typically takes only a couple of minutes.


Where to Buy a Virtual Number for OLX Classifieds?

Various services offer numbers for this platform, but for cost-effective solutions, it is recommended to buy virtual numbers from, where prices start at just a few rubles. You can choose the country and mobile operator, and the site is user-friendly and intuitive. Registration is done through an email address. With balance replenishment, the entire process usually takes an average of 2-3 minutes. Below is a guide on how to purchase a number.


Instructions for Buying a Virtual Number


1. Register on the website.

2. Select «Top up balance» from the menu on the right and deposit the required amount.

3. Specify the country and operator.

4. Choose «OLX» and click «Get number».

5. The number is purchased; now you can enter it during OLX registration and click «Next».

6. Copy the received code.

7. The new profile is created.

Now you have successfully created a new profile on the OLX platform. On our website, you can buy and register as many numbers as you need for promoting your products and services and posting OLX ads without the risk of being banned.