Virtual mobile number for SMS in 20 seconds!

There was a time when we were tied to one mobile number. When we needed to make an international call, we paid exorbitant rates per minute. And when we needed to register an additional account on a social network, we asked a friend to provide a number. Times have changed. Nothing stands still. Now we are free to choose; if we need to call another country, we set up IP telephony and talk for a few cents. Want to have dozens of profiles on social networks? Our service is here to help.


What's the essence? You rent a virtual mobile number for SMS, and use it to activate an account on any necessary social network. It's all easy and simple.

Our service is also suitable for activating accounts of payment systems. We want to describe our advantages to you:

  • No human factor, everything is automated. This means no delays in work, no malfunctions, and errors.
  • The lowest prices in this niche.
  • Lightning-fast speed of operation. This is achieved by placing servers on different continents of the globe.
  • A flexible bonus system.
  • We don't store cache. This means that all information about you is confidential and not disclosed to third parties.
  • API integration.
  • Flexible referral system.
  • User-friendly interface and clear menu.
  • Multiple payment methods on the website.
  • Renting a virtual mobile number for SMS takes just a couple of minutes.
  • A vast selection of numbers for any social network account and payment system.


Why do you need additional accounts on social networks, and who will benefit from this?


  • Those who promote their website/business using social networks to avoid risking their personal page (which may receive spam and ads).
  • Those who are professionally engaged in promoting groups.
  • Those who do not want to risk their personal number to avoid receiving spam.
  • If you need a one-day page for a one-time promo or prank on a friend.
  • If your number is not supported by the necessary social network.
  • If you need to use a payment system account once.
  • If you want to work in another country while physically being in your location.
  • If you need many unique numbers, and buying a hundred SIM cards is an unnecessary financial burden.
  • In any case where it is convenient for you.


Don't hesitate, order the rental of a virtual number for SMS right now before someone else does it for you!