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On our planet, there are almost 8 billion people, and practically everyone has their mobile phone, some even have several. Currently, there are more than 20 billion registered mobile numbers worldwide. How do you identify who is calling you? All numbers are tied to a region and have their country code. Using the code, you can understand from which country the call is coming, but there are exceptions. There is IP telephony, where a person can rent or buy any phone number with any country code. What is it needed for? The need can vary – for example, if you are working from Russia in the Western market, you need a number from that country where you operate. Or perhaps you just want to play a prank on a friend and call them from Africa. Maybe you need to create several pages on social networks. Let's talk about the last mentioned case.


It is a convention that one number can be registered for one account. What to do if you need 2-3 or 10 accounts, but only have one number? Buying a SIM card for each page is convenient if you need 2-3, but if you're talking about dozens, that's not an option. You'll need a service where you can buy a virtual SMS number for subsequent activation of the page. You can rent a number on our website. Everything is easy and clear here, and we have more numbers than anywhere else. Moreover, we are loyal, and our prices are the lowest. The website has a flexible referral and bonus program, as well as an API for webmasters.


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