SMS activation of Odnoklassniki, the process lasts 20 seconds

Classmates (Одноклассники) is one of the most popular social networks in the Russian-speaking segment of the internet. Perhaps there is no one in the CIS countries who hasn't heard of this social network. The web project Classmates was created back in 2006.


Here are some interesting facts about it:


1. Every third resident of Russia visits their Classmates page daily.

2. In 2017, the audience of Classmates exceeded 330 million users.

3. Classmates is the very first major social network on our planet.

4. Registration used to be paid at some point.

5. Despite the opinion that this project is oriented towards an audience over forty, it is fundamentally untrue; the average age of users is 21-30 years old. You can register only one account per phone number, but what if you need more?


Sometimes, accounts are needed for work purposes, sometimes for personal reasons. Perhaps you are the owner of a network of coffee shops and want to advertise each establishment separately. Have a separate group or community for each cafe. Or maybe you want to keep an eye on your friend/partner? Or perhaps play a prank on someone? For this, you will need additional accounts. It's your business, and ours is to provide you with virtual numbers for SMS activation on Classmates. With us, you can rent and use a number. Your data is not stored in our system, everything is anonymous and confidential.


Our advantages:


1. No storage of personal data and disclosure to third parties.

2. Everything is automated; there is no human factor. No one will go on a break, making you wait.

3. Servers are located in different parts of the planet. There is no chance of errors and failures.

4. There is a referral and bonus program.

5. API integration is available.

6. There is a partnership program.

7. The service operates super fast and without delays.

8. Budget-friendly. If you find something cheaper, we are ready to discuss it.

9. The service operates 24/7.

10. User-friendly interface. User-friendly design.

11. Many electronic payment systems. You can choose the one that suits you best.

12. Technical support for the website operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


SMS activation on Odnoklassniki is a quick and easy process; no special skills or savvy are required. Just 2 minutes, and it's done. You just need to order the necessary number and pay through any convenient payment system. The activation of the number will take only a few seconds.