Dewu Poizon shopping — original products and high-quality standards

Poizon (formerly known as Dewu App) is a leading global next-generation online shopping platform that combines original products, modern identification methods, and a fashion community. The platform features hundreds of street and luxury brands such as Nike and Chanel.

Poizon Platform Features


Poizon offers a wide selection of products, including shoes, clothing, and many other items from well-known brands like Nike, Jordan, Gucci, Adidas, and more. You can find both the latest trends and timeless classics here.

The Poizon App provides its users with high-quality products thanks to the use of AI and expert authentication, ensuring the authenticity and high quality of over 250 million items. The platform also offers a free AI-based authentication tool available to both buyers and sellers, providing additional protection against counterfeits.

Moreover, the Poizon App ensures easy returns and 24/7 customer support. This allows users to enjoy the convenience of an extended return policy and be confident that they will always receive the necessary assistance.

For sellers, the Poizon App offers great opportunities. The application helps sell products faster, as 60% of items are purchased within one day. The platform also provides effective sales tools, allowing items to be sold at the right time and at the best price.


How to Register in the Application


1. When you first launch the Poizon application, click on the turquoise button. In the next window, check the box at the bottom to confirm your agreement with the service rules, and choose a registration method:

  • If you have an active WeChat account, use it to log in by clicking on the top turquoise button with the WeChat icon.
  • If you don't have an active WeChat profile, click on the white button at the bottom in Dewu Poizon.

  • A confirmation code will be sent via SMS, which you need to enter in the application. If the code did not arrive, request it again by clicking on the characters on the left side below the code input field.

2. After your phone number has been confirmed via SMS, the main screen will open.

3. To change your nickname and avatar, click on the corresponding fields.


Virtual Phone Number for Registration

To complete registration in the application, you need to provide a phone number for identity verification. Users who wish to keep their personal data confidential are recommended to use a virtual number.

After verification in Dewu Poizon, a unique code will be sent to such a number, which needs to be entered into the application to confirm the account and gain access to all the service's features. A temporary online number is also useful for registering and activating bonus programs in various applications.


Buy a Virtual Number for Poizon


1. Log in to your account on or register by providing your email address and creating a password.

2. Go to the «Top Up Balance» section and add funds using a method convenient for you.

3. Select the country and operator from the available list.

4. Find «Dewu Poizon» on the main page or in the «Ordered Numbers» section and click the «Get Number» button.

5. Obtain and copy the SMS code needed to complete the registration on the chosen resource.

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