Rozetka – quick entry for sellers and buyers

Rozetka is an online retailer that serves as a versatile assistant for choosing various products online. All items are sold at fair prices with a guarantee, as safe online shopping is the store's key principle.

The online supermarket is a major seller of electronics and household goods. At «Rozetka», you can purchase electronics, home appliances, interior items, children's products, a large number of useful items for the home and garden, and items for outdoor activities.


Why Install the Rozetka App

By installing the Rozetka store app, you can:

- Always have access to a wide range of products at your fingertips;

- Make purchases directly from your smartphone;

- Read reviews, ratings, and comments;

- Keep track of the latest and most interesting products;

- Receive offers that are available only to you;

- Add items to your cart, create a wish list;

- Find out about current promotions on specific products;

- Receive notifications about your order status, new promotions, special offers.

Create and manage your list of products from the Rozetka catalog on smartphones and tablets.

Share your favorite product listings through social networks and messengers.


Additional Benefits of the Rozetka Online Store

The creators of the platform aimed to ensure that customers wouldn't have to wonder «where to find something they need», as everything can be purchased in one place. Therefore, this online store is not only a large online retailer but also a platform for sellers. Some start their first business here (or expand their existing one), while others begin selling products that are not yet on the market. This is beneficial for everyone: both buyers and sellers.


Virtual Phone Number for Registration on Rozetka

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Buy a Virtual Number


1. To register or log in to our website, go to , click «Register», and fill in the field. You just need to provide your email address.

2. Click «Add funds» and deposit the required amount.

3. Choose the country and operator.

4. After selecting the country and mobile operator, find «Rozetka». If you have difficulty finding it, you can go to the ordered numbers and find this service in the search bar on the left and click «Get a number».

5. Copy the provided number and paste it into the registration form to receive the registration code via SMS.

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