Register WhatsApp without phone number

WhatsApp registration without a SIM card or personal phone number

How to do it? Many users are interested in how to register on WhatsApp without a SIM card or a personal phone number. The messenger sends a code to a specific number. Such activation cannot be bypassed – a phone is needed in any case to receive an SMS.

WhatsApp is widely used by many users to promote their products and services. For such advertising, it is necessary to create a large number of accounts. Purchasing a SIM card for each individual profile can be very costly. But is it possible to avoid such expenses and still register on the messenger?


Installing WhatsApp without a SIM card – will the application work?

You downloaded the application and launched it. Immediately, the messenger suggests activation – you need to enter the phone number, and a notification with a digital code will be sent to it. These actions take 1-2 minutes. This is what number confirmation looks like: But will the messenger work without a SIM card? Yes, and we will tell you what to do for this.


WhatsApp registration without a phone number


It is impossible to register in the application without specifying a phone number, but there is a working method to solve this problem. For successful registration and maintaining anonymity, buy a virtual phone number. To purchase such a number, it is optimal to use the service, where you can buy a number for a symbolic amount in a few rubles. A physical SIM card usually costs much more.


Virtual number service

Why you should turn to us:

1. Price. The number on our service will cost you less than from our competitors, and we always have free numbers (you can see the availability of such numbers on the main page).

2. Choice of the country of the operator.

3. Clear and transparent payment system. The service supports QIWI, Free-Kassa, Payeer, WebMoney.


Buy a virtual number for WhatsApp


In the service, buying a virtual number takes literally a few minutes. All actions are performed in a few steps:

1. Go to the website register.

2. In the menu, open the «Top up balance» item and make a payment in a way convenient for you.

3. Choose the necessary country and operator.

4. Select WhatsApp and click «Buy».

5. Done! You have purchased a virtual number for the messenger.

When you register with a virtual number for registration, WhatsApp sends a code that comes not to a smartphone but to the website, after which it needs to be copied, entered into the application, and the account activated. Now you can use the account.




That's it, registration on WhatsApp without a personal number was successful. The application will start, and you can add friends and communicate with them. You get full access to all the functions available in WhatsApp – make calls from the messenger, read and respond to messages, send photos and videos. In the end, we spent about 5 minutes, and in terms of financial costs – just a few rubles. Moreover, on our service, you can buy numbers not only for WhatsApp but also for other messengers.