Registration in the Careem application without a phone number

Careem is a specialized car rental service and a subsidiary of Uber. The Careem taxi headquarters is located in Dubai, and the service operates in over 100 cities spanning 15 countries, including the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

Services Provided by Careem:

- Car: Online rides or pre-scheduled car delivery at your convenience. The service includes local taxi rates, city-to-city options, as well as choices involving bicycles and public transport;

- Delivery: Similar to Yandex Go, you can opt for the delivery of parcels, documents, or goods from stores;

- Shops: With just a few taps in the app, you can purchase essential goods, personal hygiene items, and other products from various locations;

- Food: Hundreds of restaurants are ready to deliver food right to your door. You can track the delivery in real-time and choose dishes that suit your taste;

- Careem Pay: A unified payment system for all services, allowing users to make various payments and transactions.


Registration with Careem Taxi

The Careem app is available for download on both iOS and Android. To create a new account, a valid email address and a mobile phone number for receiving an SMS confirmation code are required. The registration on the service can be completed through Facebook, but in that case, one profile will be linked to a single account. In any scenario, a mobile phone number is still required for registration.

Not all users want to provide their personal information on the internet, especially their main phone, which is usually linked to payment cards. To maintain anonymity and register multiple profiles, you can use the virtual number purchase service. An SMS for confirmation is sent to this number, allowing you to complete registration and use the app.


Where to Buy a Virtual Number for Careem Registration?

There are many services online offering virtual numbers for registration on various platforms or social networks. However, finding an official number specifically for Careem can be challenging. One of the resources providing such a service is

Numbers on are provided for 25 minutes from the moment of purchase, which is sufficient time to create an account. The website is user-friendly – first, you need to register, then top up your balance, and finally, take a number for a specific service. The user dashboard displays the number of taken numbers and their duration. Even if you have never visited, understanding the interface will be easy, thanks to our detailed instructions.


Instructions for Buying a Virtual Number


1. Register on the website.

2. Choose «Add Balance» from the menu on the right and enter the required amount.

3. Specify the country and operator.

4. Choose «Careem» and click «Get Number».

5. The number is purchased; now you can enter it during registration and click «Next».

6. Copy the received code.

7. The new profile is created.

After profile registration, you can fully enjoy all the benefits of Careem in Dubai and other cities.