Registration of Dent without using personal numbers and personal information

Dent is a decentralized mobile data exchange that allows users to buy, sell, and voluntarily donate mobile data through an auction system. The primary goal of the application is to unite mobile device users into a community using crypto technologies.

The service is built on the Ethereum blockchain, enabling the sale, purchase, or donation of mobile data through automated trading processes, whether using currency or goods.


Why Dent Cryptocurrency?

Dent introduces a new cryptocurrency aiming to disrupt the global mobile data industry. Dentcoin's company, Dent Wireless Limited, aims to liberate mobile data, allowing anyone to buy, sell, and donate data through the Ethereum blockchain. Dent developers proposed creating a trading platform where users can successfully sell unwanted traffic or services to other participants. The use of Ethereum contracts enables the successful sale of unwanted options through auction systems.


Unique Features of Dent Cryptocurrency

Dent is a revolutionary player in the mobile communication and data transmission market. Approximately half of the world's population currently has restricted access to mobile services due to high prices offered by traditional mobile operators. Dent leverages blockchain technology to revolutionize this industry, providing global access to mobile airtime and data.

Dent eliminates the notion that your mobile data is tied to your location, becoming a global digital mobile operator. The service offers tariff plans that meet the needs of citizens globally by abolishing roaming fees and implementing international mobile communication plans. Everything on the Dent platform can be purchased with tokens — transactions are recorded in the blockchain, ensuring that a client cannot pay for something and not receive it.


Benefits of the Application

The service aims to become a global exchange for mobile data, where mobile data worldwide is bought, sold, or donated, similar to other goods and currencies traded at present. Through automated trading, the efficiency of purchasing can be increased both in today's markets and in stock markets and mobile advertising.


Registration Without a Personal Number

To obtain confirmation of your account, almost all resources require entering a mobile phone number. There are situations when you do not want or cannot enter your personal number, and often there is no second number. Examples of such situations include needing to create several accounts for business, registering on dating sites like Hinge,, Fotostrana, internet bulletin boards, protecting against spam, etc. On our website, most virtual numbers can be purchased at a minimal cost, starting from 1 ruble.


Buy a virtual phone number


1. Register on https://

2. Top up your balance using a convenient method.

3. Choose the country and mobile operator.

4. Click on «Dent» and take the number.

5. Click «Next» and complete registration after receiving the SMS.

With a virtual number, you can also register on Hezzl, Parimatch, and other platforms.