CLiQQ registration without personal number

CLiQQ is the official smartphone application from the popular 7-Eleven store network, allowing customers to conveniently spend their earned points on purchases. CLiQQ PAY is the mobile wallet for 7-Eleven Philippines, enabling quick and convenient in-store payments, while also earning points simultaneously.

Users can earn points, access rewards, obtain CLiQQ barcodes, and more by connecting with us through Messenger. Simply find CLiQQ and tap «Start». Point balances, e-stamps, and lottery requests typically update within 15 minutes after a purchase.


Service Features:

  • Task execution commands directly from the chat.
  • Bots: Subscribe to bots and automate daily tasks.
  • Voice and video calls.
  • Shared file access: Share files, locations, GIFs, and birthdays.
  • 7-Eleven CLiQQ eGift can be used to top up your 7-Eleven CLiQQ Wallet Credits.
  • Each eGift has a unique code corresponding to the amount/nomination.
  • The recipient is responsible for keeping the eGift code secure.
  • To use the eGift, the recipient must use the redemption form, providing all necessary details. Upon successful redemption, the wallet credits will be added to the CLiQQ account.


Additional Features:


  • Quick access to frequently used chats.
  • Favorites for important messages.
  • Instant messaging and contact information exchange.
  • Notification customization.
  • Integration with third-party applications.

Everyone automatically receives a virtual loyalty barcode. If you previously added a card, you will automatically receive a new virtual card. All points you earn will be consolidated in your account.


How to Use the Application:

Upon installing the CLiQQ application, each user receives a personalized QR code. All points earned through it will be credited to the personal account. To earn points, present this QR code when paying for goods at 7-Eleven stores. Access the rewards catalog and spend the earned points.

The main drawback of CLiQQ is that registration can only be completed with Philippine phone numbers. However, not every user has a mobile operator SIM card from this country. Our service allows you to purchase virtual numbers for registration on various popular services, messengers, and social networks.


Instructions on How to Buy a Virtual Phone Number


1. Register on

2. Choose «Balance Top-up» on the page.

3. Specify the payment method and top up your account.

4. Specify the desired country and operator.

5. To choose «CLiQQ», find the corresponding service in your account or on the main page.

6. Select «CLiQQ» and click «Get Number».

7. After purchasing the number, enter it in the registration field and click «Next».

8. Copy the received code and enter it in the corresponding field.

9. The new profile is ready.

Using virtual numbers, you can register an unlimited number of accounts. The only condition is to purchase a new virtual number for each new profile. Besides CLiQQ virtual numbers, our service supports SMS activation on various popular online platforms.