Registering a QQ account

Today, the majority of servers and websites require a mobile phone number for registration. Considering the importance of personal data security, such an approach seems very reasonable.

Most people typically own only one or two SIM cards. If their numbers are already in the website's database, registration becomes problematic. In such cases, options include either refraining from registering on the platform or asking friends and family to allow the use of their phones. However, there's a simpler solution – a virtual phone number for rent.

Tencent QQ, or simply QQ, is a software service and web portal for instant messaging. Today, this Chinese messenger is widely used not only in China but worldwide for both business and social communication. Tencent QQ is a software service offering features like music, purchases, microblogs, and more.

Speakers often face challenges during registration because the official QQ service website is presented only in Chinese. On our website, you can register on QQ without a physical SIM card. Below, we'll explain in detail how to do this conveniently.


Registration of QQ Account

1. After registering on the service, specify the country and operator, then choose the messenger in which you want to register.

2. You receive a number and register the account.

3. Use the assigned number within 25 minutes (valid for QQ).


Buying a Ready QQ Account or Finding a Free One?

First and foremost, you need to decide whether it's better to purchase a QQ account or find a free one. Neither option guarantees that the profile will work because it's unclear who used the profile before you. Moreover, free QQ accounts are never provided since it's logical not to give free access to a profile registered in one's name. There are several downsides you'll inevitably face when buying a QQ account:

1. Queue, as services quickly block such profiles for security reasons.

2. The cost of these profiles is relatively high.

The optimal option is to purchase a virtual number from an official service, which is convenient and budget-friendly (all prices are listed on the main page of our website With the activations you acquire from us, you can register as many profiles as you need.


Buying a Virtual Number for a Social Network


To purchase a virtual number, simply visit On our site, you'll find a list of numerous countries, and you'll undoubtedly find a suitable option for you. Prices are lower than those of competitors, and we offer discounts for large orders.


How to get a virtual number


1. Register on the main page in just 1 minute.

2. Top up your balance in the «Top up balance» section using a convenient method.

3. Buy activation and register your account. Done!

Disposable numbers for registration are a unique service allowing you to register any account requiring SMS verification. The issued number is nearly indistinguishable from regular ones, except for the lack of a physical SIM card and a limited duration of action. Register and experience all the advantages of using our activations!