Registering a PayPal account at the lowest cost

A PayPal account is the most popular payment system globally. The advantage of this service lies in its widespread use. For example, when ordering goods, you can transfer funds and make a purchase payment in online stores in the United Kingdom or Canada, with the seller receiving the credit in just a few seconds.

With PayPal, you get the opportunity to:

1. Purchase goods from all popular online stores.

2. Pay for online purchases using your PayPal account or bank card.

3. Make quick payments without specifying payment details.

4. Receive payment for goods sold online.

5. Send money.

6. Use PayPal services from a smartphone.

The system is also available for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.


Can You Register on PayPal Without a Phone Number?

The heightened security level of the service includes registration data, where you need to enter not only an email address but also a phone number. This field always needs to be filled out.

The first and mandatory field to fill is the phone number. If you don't want to provide personal information, you can register using a virtual number. The cost of such a number on our service starts from 1 ruble, which is much less than the cost of a physical SIM card.


Virtual PayPal Number for Account Creation

In the service, you need to enter your passport data, email address, and phone number. For registration, it is recommended to use the virtual number service at The site offers a choice of countries and mobile operators. After acquiring such a number, you can register on Qiwi, Alipay, PayTm, and others. The site is user-friendly, so the entire process will take no more than 5 minutes.


Buy a Virtual Phone Number through the Official Service

On the service, you can buy virtual numbers for registration on popular messengers, social networks, trading platforms, etc. The cost of numbers starts from 1 ruble. Moreover, on our website, you can get a free virtual number every day. Other advantages of our service include:

- SMS activation is available not only in the most popular services but also in lesser-known resources.

- User-friendly interface. Even if you are visiting our site for the first time, the registration and balance replenishment process will take no more than 3-4 minutes.

- Automated operation. The service operates automatically, so you can buy a number and receive an SMS instantly at any time.

- Several payment systems to choose from – pay the way that suits you.

- Responsive customer support. The chat is available 24/7.

How to Create a Second PayPal Account Using a Virtual Number?


To create a second profile on PayPal, follow these steps:

1. Register on the website.

2. Choose «Top up balance» from the menu on the right and enter the required amount.

3. Specify the country and operator.

4. Choose «PayPal» and click «Get number».

5. The virtual number for receiving SMS is purchased; now enter it in the corresponding field.

6. Copy the received code.

The system sends an email confirming successful data verification within one hour. Registration is successfully completed. A new account is created in just a few minutes at a minimal cost.