SMM promotion - unlimited number of accounts

SMM, or Social Media Marketing, is, above all, a part of a company's marketing strategy. In other words, the main task of an SMM specialist is to work with businesses, public figures, celebrities – anyone in need of acquiring new clients. Working with social media is not just an easy job; it's a full-fledged profession that requires daily effort, responsibility, and a substantial set of skills.

Who is an SMM Specialist?


SMM is marketing in social networks. The work mainly involves not only attracting potential customers through social media but also content creation. If you have experience as a copywriter, there is an opportunity to secure a position as a content specialist and further gain more knowledge in the field of SMM. Typically, people with marketing or PR education pursue this profession.


Responsibilities of an SMM Specialist

1. Market, audience, and competitor analysis. Analytical skills come in handy for working with post statistics and targeting.

2. Development of a promotion strategy online. Social networks regularly change algorithms, and while it's impossible to fully understand how post rankings work, observational skills and a willingness to grasp various patterns are beneficial for finding successful solutions to increase organic audience reach.

3. Creation and development of profiles/groups on social networks. Initially, social networks with a specific target audience are selected, competitor analysis is performed, and decisions are made on how the group will be promoted and what will be published. The employee, either alone or with the help of a designer, handles community design, avatar selection, cover design, and post styling.

4. Content generation and formatting: text, photos, videos, infographics, etc., for social media marketing (SMM).

5. Writing proficiency. One of the challenges an SMM specialist may face is poorly written texts. Grammatical errors can undermine all the work on creating interesting content.

6. Identification and analysis of the company's main business objectives.

7. Finding optimal communication channels for B2B and B2C projects.

8. Development of a content plan considering business specifics and audience interests.


How an SMM Specialist Can Create Unlimited Accounts Without Providing a Personal Phone Number


1. Register on

2. Open the menu and go to the «Payment» subsection.

3. Top up your account with your preferred method.

4. Get a number either on the main page (to return to the main page, simply click on the service logo on the left), or in the personal account («Ordered Numbers»).

5. If you want to buy a virtual number from your personal account, for convenience, use the search bar on the left.

6. Copy the purchased phone number, enter it during registration, and input the received confirmation code.



In the job market, there are options for both remote work and office-based work. An SMM specialist can successfully work remotely because all that's needed for full-fledged work is the internet and a computer. An employer may require you to have examples of well-promoted SMM accounts. Registering from different phones may be necessary for promoting a large number of accounts – for such purposes, it is recommended to purchase virtual numbers.