Safely and Profitably Sell Steam Account

Steam is not just an entertainment service; it's also an opportunity to earn money.

Account sales are one of the modern ways to make money in the gaming business. For many users, it's easier to pay for a ready-made account with an upgraded gaming experience than to try to earn experience and items in games from scratch.


Can you sell an account from scratch?

Steam is against the sale and provision of access to accounts for money, but where there's such a high demand, there's supply. Of course, a new account with zero experience is unlikely to be sold at all, but accounts with good gaming experience can fetch a decent amount.

There is even an option to sell a «zero» profile when Steam sells expensive games on sale at a minimal cost. By collecting a package of such games, you can profitably sell a Steam account. For such methods of earning, you don't even need to play the games yourself.

However, if you already have several purchased games that you have played, leveled up characters, improved their characteristics, and acquired inventory, you can sell your Steam account for much more than the cost of the games themselves.


How to assess the value of a Steam account

- By the number of games in the account and their prices;

- By the number of hours spent playing games;

- By achievements in games and the account level;

- By inventory.

It's also necessary to take into account the dynamics of prices in the account sales market, as well as the library of a specific account— not all games are purchased at reduced prices, and not all of them are of interest to buyers (which often leads to lower rewards).


How to prepare for the sale

What is recommended to do:

1. Choose a platform for selling.

2. Determine the price at which you are willing to sell.

3. Consider payment options for transferring money.

4. Carefully think through the terms of the deal. The safest method is to provide profile credentials after receiving the money. If you are selling your account on a specialized online store, be sure to check the terms under which sales are conducted.


How to sell a Steam account profitably

To maximize the benefits of the transaction, expenses are required. In addition to buying games on sale, using virtual SIM cards on can reduce costs, with prices starting from just a few rubles. If you need to sell your Steam account many times and streamline this process, you will save significantly.


Instructions for purchasing virtual numbers


1. Register a profile on

2. Pay the required amount for a virtual number.

3.  «Steam» and click «Get Number».

4. The number is purchased. In the following windows on the official Steam website, enter all the required data that will be requested.

5. Click on «Get Code via SMS».

6. Enter the code from the SMS.

7. The new profile is created.


Platforms for direct sales

Everyone wants to sell their account at the highest price. You can sell it on platforms like Funpay, PlayNTrade, Gidsell, etc. The general workflow is the same:

1. The item is put up for sale.

2. The account can be purchased like on any marketplace.

3. The service ensures the safety of the transaction and, if necessary, resolves disputes between the seller and the buyer.

When selling in this way, the platform will take a percentage of the transaction but will ensure its safety.

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