BiP app - connect with friends around the world

BiP is a communication platform that is convenient and easy to use.

Primarily, BiP is an application that provides access to a wide range of services and channels, allowing users to make video calls, chat, send SMS messages, instantly translate text into other languages, and use the web version, among other features.


Why Download the BiP App?

1. Voice and Video Calls: Make free and high-quality voice and video calls.

2. Secret Chat: Messages disappear from the chat after a period that you specify.

3. Create Memes: Generate your own memes by choosing photos from the gallery or taking new ones and sharing them.

4. Send SMS from BiP: Contact your friends outside the app.

5. Group Chats: Create a conversation with multiple participants in one chat.

6. Designed for Messaging: The app is specifically designed for message exchange and is available to subscribers of any mobile operator.

7. Free Instant Messaging Messenger: BiP messenger is freely accessible.


Take Advantage of the Service for Maximum Benefit

With BiP, you can do more than just exchange messages. Here are some features to maximize your experience:

- Make calls within BiP and to various mobile numbers;

- Instantly send and receive photos, videos, audio, messages, and documents;

- Exchange photos and videos in the Status, which disappear after 1 day;

- Regardless of your location, you'll always be connected with friends worldwide using this app. In a chat, you can invite up to fifteen people simultaneously, communicate through text messages, audio messages, and video calls;

- The app allows you to translate text into more than 100 languages. Simply write a message, and it will be translated instantly on your conversation partner's smartphone;

- Customize the design in the messenger according to your preferences, including adding or removing various features and changing icons;

- Download the app to discover a wide range of additional services;

- If your smartphone battery is depleted, no problem! You can continue making calls and chatting in the messenger because BiP has a web version.


How to Register Without a Personal Number

A mandatory requirement for registration in messengers, and practically on all platforms nowadays, is providing a mobile phone number. This step verifies your identity, as an SMS with a code is sent to it. However, there are instances where you cannot use the same number, for example, when creating multiple accounts for business promotion, registering on dating sites, or obtaining additional bonuses in various stores, etc. On our platform, you can inexpensively purchase numbers from different countries and choose the mobile operator.


Buy a Virtual Number


1. Visit and sign up.

2. To make a purchase, you need to top up your balance—choose a convenient method for you.

3. Select the country and mobile operator.

4. Find «BiP» on the main page or in «Ordered Numbers».

5. Click «Get Number».

6. Enter all the required information when registering on your chosen platform, messenger, store, etc., and then click «Next».

7. You will receive an SMS with a confirmation code on the number you took. Enter this code to complete the registration.

On, you can buy numbers for any service you need. We also provide consultation support—just write to us in the chat.