Receive SMS

In our time, nearly everyone has appreciated the convenience and comfort of mobile communication. The ability to connect with any subscriber, send them text, images, or videos (and do so at an affordable cost) is highly valued. Mobile communication is equally widely used on the Internet – SMS verification on websites has long become a recognized standard in information security. The procedure is extremely simple – during registration, in addition to your basic contact information, you provide your phone number. To carry out any actions (such as financial transactions) on the website, a message with a code is generated and sent to your number. Receiving the SMS and entering the code in the corresponding field completes the verification process.


However, this functionality has its drawbacks, primarily the clear linkage of one person to one number. What to do if you need to perform two (or more) independent operations on the same site? Traditional SMS reception, in its classic sense, won't help. Yes, there are mobile phones with dual SIM cards, but they don't completely solve the problem. The option of buying multiple mobile phones will be considered too costly. There is a more attractive solution – both in terms of functional capabilities and cost. Renting a number is a simple and affordable option, and it involves not a full-fledged (and quite expensive) service but its digital embodiment. Renting a number on one of the specialized portals will allow you to implement the full functionality of a mobile phone. A service for SMS reception is a classic example of such a solution.


There are many ways to use it, but most often, the goal is to verify the user. The example given earlier was for financial transactions, but it is not limited to them. The SMS reception service can also be used for website registration – whether it's a gaming portal or a social network. The reason is simple – to confirm the "humanity" of the user; otherwise, the virtual community will be filled with bots pursuing their owners' goals. The reverse approach is also justified – especially if you are involved in SMM and promote materials on various social networks.


Virtual numbers for receiving SMS can be either rented or obtained completely for free. In the latter case, the available functionality will be significantly less, and such services are usually overloaded with advertisements. However, a free SMS number can be a lifesaver for those who want to undergo the verification process and maintain their anonymity. There are several drawbacks to using free services. First and foremost, they become outdated – the numbers provided by companies lose their relevance due to frequent use. The second drawback is its single-use nature. The number is provided for a relatively short period, after which it moves on to other users. If the verification code sent has expired, the entire process will need to be restarted. An alternative approach is renting a number on a commercial basis.


Like their free counterparts, commercial services are also widely available on the Internet. Virtual numbers for receiving SMS are rented for a specified period – from a few minutes to several months. This approach allows you to choose an option that best suits your tasks. The functionality of such portals is quite high – suffice it to say that you can choose a phone number tailored for specific actions (e.g., receiving SMS from a particular social network). Moreover, advertising on such sites is absent by definition.


The most user-friendly resources combine both of the approaches mentioned above. In simpler terms, they provide a certain number of free numbers for use but also allow visitors to rent numbers for real money. An example is the section of the website located at – a Russian-language resource whose main activity is somehow related to renting virtual numbers. Healthy minimalism in design and an attractive pricing policy are two aspects that catch the eye from the first moments.


Foreign counterparts cannot boast similar features. For many, it will be surprising that mobile communication prices in our country are among the lowest in the world. Foreign companies charge their subscribers much more serious amounts, resulting in higher costs for renting a virtual number. Add to this the language barrier and roaming issues – not every site will send a verification code to a foreign mobile phone number. The conclusion is simple – use domestic services; fortunately, there are plenty to choose from.