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If you are tired of commuting to work every day, pushing through crowded public transport, and enduring a three-hour traffic jam, it's time for a change – specifically, transitioning to remote work from home! Today, we want to share a list of life hacks on how to do it. Let's consider some specific professions. Let's get started!


1. You are a photographer. There's no need to join a company, sit in an office, and wait for orders. You can work for yourself as a freelance photographer. For this, you need a website, several social media accounts, an account in payment services, and a starting budget for advertising. To register multiple accounts, you'll need to buy a virtual phone number, and you can do this in our service. It's cheap, fast, and much more cost-effective than buying a separate SIM card for each account.

2. You are a school teacher. Believe it or not, teachers don't necessarily have to spend time in a classroom with restless children. You can provide tutoring via Skype or Viber and receive payments through online payment systems. You can also run a blog about education, which is very trendy right now, and earn money from advertising.

3. You are an advertiser. It doesn't matter in which field. Create a personal website or establish a community on social media. Create several accounts. Use our service to buy a virtual phone number, which will allow you to activate multiple accounts.

4. You are a customer relations manager. It's no secret that the highest salaries are earned by specialists working in the West. Therefore, to work in outsourcing, you need language skills, an understanding of the Western market, and, crucially, IP telephony with a rented virtual phone number for the desired country.

5. You are a pastry chef. Make cakes and pastries at home, and attract customers from the internet. Everyone loves sweets, so all you need to do is engage the consumer. Once you've satisfied their taste buds, they'll come back, and they'll also tell their friends about you!


As you can see, no matter which field you choose, you need to have a personal website and several social media pages.