Get discounts and welcome bonuses Samokat

Samokat is a novel food delivery service that has gained popularity in numerous cities. In each district, a dark store, accessible only to packers, managers, and couriers, is established to facilitate quick order assembly and delivery.

The Origin Story of the Service


Samokat relies on dark stores located in every city district. The average assembly time is a maximum of 5 minutes, and delivery takes an additional 5 to 20 minutes. Delivery time depends on the distance to the delivery point, with orders within a 1.5 km radius arriving in 15 minutes. The company aims to continually expand its network of dark stores.


Order Fulfillment Process


Immediately after receiving an order, it undergoes assembly and is swiftly delivered to the customer. This scheme enables courier arrival times to be reduced to 15 minutes or even less. To attract new customers, a special bonus program is employed. Welcome bonuses apply to the first order, with the discount size contingent on the ongoing company promotion.


Welcome Bonuses and Discounts

Discounts are typically not provided for repeat orders, or their magnitude is much smaller than the welcome bonus. This system can be advantageous for users. Creating a profile requires a phone number, and there's no need to purchase multiple SIM cards. The service offers virtual numbers for registration on various platforms, messengers, social networks, etc., starting from just 1 ruble.


Discount on 1 Order in Samokat - How It Works

For the initial delivery with Samokat, the discount on the order can range from 200 to 500 rubles, depending on the region, promotional specifics, and other factors. The promo code must be entered during registration or before placing the order.


Samokat Coupon - How to Get a Discount on the First Order Multiple Times with


To register numerous accounts and secure a substantial discount or welcome bonuses, a significant number of accounts are required. Registering an unlimited number of accounts is possible using virtual numbers, and the process is relatively straightforward. Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Register a profile on

2. Pay the required amount for the virtual phone number.

3. Choose «Samokat» and click «Get Number».

4. The number is purchased. Next, provide the required information in the corresponding fields on the website or in the app.

5. Click on «Get code via SMS».

6. Enter the code from the SMS.

7. The creation of the new profile is complete.

Initially, purchasing a ready-made account with existing bonuses might seem advantageous. However, these profiles can be relatively expensive. Registering on your own results in a free profile. To buy a virtual number from our service, a minimal amount is required, typically starting from 1 ruble. The cost varies based on the selected country and mobile operator. It's worth noting that each new account registration necessitates the purchase of a new virtual number. Acquiring such numbers can save a significant sum compared to buying a new physical SIM card. You can also read our article on how to earn using virtual numbers for additional insights.