Buy a virtual number for receiving SMS

Accounts on today's popular social networks are ubiquitous, belonging not only to individuals but also to organizations. Various fan communities also maintain accounts. Social networks, in today's world, serve not only as excellent communication tools, providing incredible opportunities and connecting people worldwide but also as a means of making money. Specifically, social media allows for earning through advertising.

However, especially in recent times, advertising regulations have become extremely stringent, bordering on draconian in some social networks. For example, advertising certain services or medications is prohibited. Violating these rules (which is often necessary to earn) can lead to accounts being banned for a considerable period or closed permanently.

In other words, to earn, one needs multiple accounts. Creating an account on any existing social network is relatively easy; you need to fill out a few profile fields and provide a phone number. Here lies the difficulty. Sometimes, there's reluctance to spend money on purchasing numbers, especially if many are needed urgently. In such cases, creating a new account becomes challenging. However, can help. You can buy a virtual number for receiving SMS and continue to stay active on social networks. Moreover, buying an SMS number is cost-effective, as these numbers are much cheaper than real SIM cards, resulting in significant savings when numerous accounts are required.

Another advantage of using a free SMS activation number from SMSak is the lack of documentation requirements, unlike in some countries. The benefits of this activation method are compelling enough to consider using this service.


Use Cases for the Service


A virtual phone number can assist in registering on social networks, as mentioned earlier. Additionally, such a number enables creating accounts on popular trading platforms like Yula or Avito. Recently, many used virtually provided numbers for mass liking or mass following. For these purposes, not just dozens but hundreds and thousands of accounts were needed.

Currently, the American Facebook is highly popular, even in our region. Registration on Facebook requires a phone number, and due to its strict moderation, accounts are constantly being banned in large numbers. This is why new, fresh accounts are constantly needed, making a service that provides virtual numbers for a small fee highly demanded.


How These Services Work


Service operation methods can vary, but the end result is essential for the consumer rather than technical or organizational details. However, for clarity, some explanations will be provided. To provide numbers, the service administration may have contracts with mobile service operators. In this case, the service has a direct connection to the mobile operator, which transfers information from SIM cards to the website selling virtual numbers. This method has many drawbacks, requiring a massive number of real SIM cards. If there are not many numbers, SMS gateways or SIM banks are used.

The user who needs to register on a social network or a trading platform receives a number belonging to a virtual SIM card. After entering the number, the user receives an activation SMS, usually containing a code. The entire process takes seconds, depending solely on the mobile operator. Waiting for activation codes can take up to five minutes.


Is the Obtained Number Disposable?


The number obtained from the service is typically disposable. However, if a user needs the number for several days or hours, they can easily obtain it for a slightly higher cost than a one-time number.

By the way, recently, virtual numbers have become popular among those seeking discounts at various restaurants. Many establishments offer discounts for receiving SMS. Additionally, users sometimes need to provide a number from another country. For example, living in Kazakhstan, one can obtain a Russian number.

There are no limitations on the number of virtual numbers obtained.