Lukoil card: registration, activation and verification of points

LUKOIL is one of the largest oil refining organizations in Russia, with a network of gas stations throughout the country. To attract a new audience and retain existing users, there is a loyalty program with a wide range of benefits. Possessing a LUKOIL card allows participation in loyalty programs, accumulating bonuses, and participating in various promotions.

Registering a LUKOIL card requires linking a mobile phone number. However, there is a more straightforward and convenient way to do this without using your own number. The service offers virtual numbers for registration on the LUKOIL website, and the user-friendly interface allows you to purchase them in just a few clicks.


LUKOIL Loyalty Card - Features

To obtain a fuel card from the company, you need to request a plastic card at any of the company's gas stations. LUKOIL fuel cards for both legal entities and ordinary citizens are issued for free.


What is a virtual LUKOIL card and how is it obtained?


In terms of functionality and capabilities, it is entirely similar to the plastic card mentioned earlier. You need to download the application and activate the LUKOIL card through it. Detailed instructions will be provided during the process.


How to register a LUKOIL card by card number?


You need to go to the corresponding page on the official website, fill in all the available fields, and then send an SMS with the confirmation code. After completing all the specified actions, the activation of the LUKOIL card is considered complete.


LUKOIL Card - How to check points by card number?

To check points, you need to log in to the personal account. The profile page will display all the necessary information.


What bonuses does the LUKOIL loyalty card provide?


The system includes several levels, each of which provides increasing benefits. The number of accrued points, discounts, and other bonuses increases with each subsequent level.


Instructions for purchasing virtual number


1. Register a profile on

2. Pay the required amount for the virtual phone number.

3. Choose «LUKOIL» and click «Get Number».

4. The number is purchased. Next, enter the required information on the website or in the application.

5. Click on the «Get Code via SMS» button.

6. Enter the code from the SMS.

7. The creation of a new profile is completed.

Now you can fully enjoy all the bonuses and advantages of the system. If needed, you can use the same method to activate an additional LUKOIL bonus card. This is convenient if you want to take advantage of a promotion multiple times by earning points for registration.


Requirements for purchasing a virtual number on our service

To buy a virtual number on our service, a minimal amount is required, starting at around 1 ruble. The cost varies depending on the selected country and mobile operator. It's also worth noting that the registration of each new account requires the purchase of a new virtual number. By purchasing such a number, you can save a significant amount of money compared to buying a new physical SIM card. You can also read our article on how to earn with virtual numbers.