How to register on Gojek

Gojek is an Indonesian company and a corresponding startup that integrates various types of services: on-demand, entertainment, and financial. It offers services such as food, grocery, and essential item delivery, medication delivery, taxi rides, bill payments, and much more. The app allows users to track real-time delivery status, and notifications are sent to keep users informed about the completion of their order delivery.

Gojek also has a social mission to improve the community's standard of living through mutual assistance. The app has entered into agreements with over 1 million drivers, 125,000 culinary merchants, and 30,000 other service providers in 50 cities across Indonesia.


Advantages of Gojek

Want to go on a journey? You can use GoRide, GoCar, or GoBluebird. Don't know the way and need to use public transport services? Just open GoTransit to find a more suitable route for you.

Feeling hungry and need food delivery? It's easy; just order through GoFood.

If you want to buy credit, data packages, or pay bills, it's really simple! You can do it through GoTagihan.

Want to make purchases and don't want to leave home? Just open GoMart or GoShop.

There are numerous services on Gojek, and you don't have to leave home or download various third-party apps since you can access everything directly on your smartphone.


What is a virtual number?

A virtual number for SMS is a regular number from any operator that can receive messages without a physical SIM card. It serves as a convenient addition to the primary number for situations where you prefer not to use the main number. It functions as a regular phone number with additional benefits, such as no geographical restrictions and the ability to create numerous accounts on various platforms.


How to register without a personal number

For registration on most platforms, providing a mobile phone number is required to confirm the registration. A virtual number may be useful, for instance, if you cannot or do not want to share your primary number, have been banned on a platform, or are registering to receive welcome bonuses in a store, among other reasons.


Advantages of using virtual numbers:

1. No device-specific binding, enabling calls and message reception from any device.

2. Registration on dating sites without sharing your personal number.

3. No expenses on additional equipment.

4. Separation of work and personal calls and SMS.

5. Affordable pricing.


Buy a virtual number


1. Visit Register by entering your email address.

2. Top up your balance.

3. Choose the country and operator.

4. Find «Gojek» on the homepage or in your account.

5. Click «Get Number».

6. Enter all required details for registration on the main platform and click «Next».

7. Complete the registration immediately after receiving the SMS.

On our website, you can purchase a virtual number for a limited period. The remaining time can be viewed in your account next to the number you have taken.