How to make money on SIM cards

You can earn about 100 rubles on each SIM card. There are no specific requirements for this type of earning, but it is essential to consider that the method is semi-legal. Earning through SMS services is not prohibited by law, but issues may arise. To work, you need to purchase SIM cards in bulk. You cannot use your own. After use, the SIM card is usually discarded. Contact to start earning with us.


Sale of Accounts


Certain activities require verified accounts. In many social networks and other services, accounts can only be confirmed through an online phone number. The working scheme is as follows:

1. Buy a SIM.

2. Log in to all social networks.

3. Open primary and additional profiles.

4. Advertise the sale of accounts.

If bought in bulk, a SIM card costs 5-10 rubles each. One profile costs from 1 to 10 rubles. Being present in 5-6 social networks, the profit will be at least 20 rubles from one SIM card.


Affiliate Programs


This is a legal way to earn from affiliate networks. In most networks, it no longer works, but in some, it can still be used to make small profits. The essence of earning:

1. Post ads for receiving orders from affiliate programs.

2. Confirm orders for goods at the customer's request.

One call is paid 20 rubles if the conversation is with a robot, up to 30 rubles if with a live person. Even with 10-15 orders a day, you can earn 500 rubles daily. The work itself takes 1-2 hours a day.


Activation via SMS:


This method combines the two previous ones.

What needs to be done:

1. Register the card on a site that allows anonymous registration.

2. Receive activation codes.

3. Provide the SMS codes.

4. Receive money.

Earn up to 10 rubles per activation. Clients are those who use to pay for a phone number and register a service. To earn more, a SIM card owner needs a special modem to work directly with The more SIM cards in use, the higher the income. A GSM modem allows inserting 4, 8, 16, or 32 cards simultaneously, available on Aliexpress. Connect to, submit a support request, and they will contact you to explain everything. The earning process is fully automated. It is considered that each SIM card can earn up to 60 rubles per day. The maximum capacity of the modem is 128 cards, allowing for significant earnings.


Combining All Three Methods


If the goal is to earn from a SIM card, it's advisable to use all three earning methods. Sooner or later, the SIM card will be blocked, but during this time, the owner will be able to extract as much as possible from it.


Finding Orders


There are platforms on the Internet where legal and semi-legal methods of earning are discussed. You should place an advertisement for services. A suitable platform is, for example, the "Antichat" forum with the section "Mobile communication, SMS, buying and selling."


On average, you can earn 100-200 rubles with one SIM card. It should be noted that some SIM cards from a bulk purchase may be inactive, and some may have already registered accounts. With regular customers, income of up to 1000 rubles per SIM card is possible. To increase income, the card can be resold after registering all accounts, recovering part of the money invested.


Bulk Purchase of SIM Cards


Usually, SIM card sellers work in underground passages, offering SIM cards in bulk. However, such volumes are expensive. It is more profitable to buy online. SIM cards cost 5-6 rubles each when bought in batches of 1000 pieces. There are websites specializing in SIM card sales, such as imcard-opt, sim-opt, and others. Cards are sold at low prices on these sites, with significant discounts for bulk purchases.


Working with SIM cards is risky because, according to the rules, when buying a SIM card, you need to present a passport or undergo registration. If caught by the police during purchase, you may have to answer questions about why you need many cards. Anonymous SIM cards have zero balances and cannot make or receive calls but can receive SMS, allowing for profit extraction.


This article does not cover another way of earning from SIM cards – reselling them in retail with a markup. Implementation occurs through ads on free boards. Sometimes, cards are sold to mobile phone stores.


Knowing how to earn from SIM cards, one can make a small semi-legal income. Therefore, if possible, it is better to find a more legal job that brings in more money.