How to sell goods on Youla

Usually, on classified ad websites, people sell things they no longer need. However, the functionality of these platforms goes beyond that. The Youla website provides several lucrative opportunities to generate income.

What to Sell on Youla


Items typically listed on Youla are sold within a week, but certain categories can sell in just a day.

Household appliances sell best on the site. On average, every third item listed in this category sells in less than a day. Refrigerators, cooling equipment, and washing machines are always in demand. Tablets and phones follow in popularity. Other electronics also sell quickly – usually, buyers for televisions and speakers are found on the first day.

Another popular category is women's clothing, both new and used. Additionally, Youla features a large number of useful items for cottages and homes, some of which are handmade by local craftsmen.


Online Store

Another option for selling on any trading platform, not just Youla, is creating an online store. Selling products through a trading platform has several undeniable advantages compared to selling through a social media group or a separate website. In this case, no additional advertising is needed. Moreover, Youla already gathers its audience, which constantly views your ad. This way, you get thousands of views without spending a ruble on advertising.


Youla Earnings: Dropshipping

If you want to open your own online store and already know which products you will be selling, there are several possible working schemes:

1. Setting up production.

2. Wholesale purchase of products for subsequent resale.

3. Handing over the product for storage and logistics to the supplier. In this case, your task will be to set up the store and attract customers. In this case, there will be no connection between the online store and the warehouse – this scheme is called dropshipping.

In this case, you will act as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer. You find a customer and offer them products from the manufacturer at a higher price. A Yula dropshipper is a supplier or manufacturer of products.

Thus, the intermediary does not rent a warehouse, does not need funds to purchase goods, cash equipment, and does not need to report to the tax authorities.


How to Register on Youla Without a Phone Number Using the smsak Service


1. Complete a quick registration on

2. Choose «Top up balance» from the menu on the right and deposit the required amount.

3. Specify the country and operator.

4. Select «Youla» and click «Get number».

5. The number is purchased, and now you can enter it during social network registration and click «Next».

6. Click on «Get code by SMS».

7. Enter the received code. Registration is complete.

Make only rational decisions, regardless of the method you choose to earn on Youla. Even starting without investment, with a thoughtful approach, you can accumulate capital in a relatively short period and increase the size of your business. Trade through social networks, rent or buy online stores. Choose customer relationship methods that involve transferring money to you. Pay close attention to contracts and obligations. We wish you success in your endeavors!