Foodpanda food delivery: creating any number of accounts

Foodpanda is an international food delivery service operating in over 20 countries worldwide. Once the app is installed, you need to select the country, city, delivery address, and you can proceed to place an order. As you browse the assortment, it gives the impression that Panda collaborates with virtually every cafe and street food vendor – the list is extensive, featuring familiar names.

Foodpanda primarily offers a vast selection of establishments near you where you can order food online for home delivery. The service is popular worldwide, and the Foodpanda app is available for both Android and iOS.

Foodpanda executes its tasks quickly and professionally, ensuring the quality of the service. To get food delivered by Foodpanda, you need to search for establishments near the delivery address on the website, scroll through the menu, place your order, and simply make the payment. The food is delivered promptly.

The app quickly gained popularity due to its wide range of cafes and restaurants, along with the convenience of online payment. The only drawback of the app is the requirement for registration with the inclusion of a personal phone number. Not every user wants to disclose personal information online, especially if they have only one SIM card. Additionally, there may not always be an option to use a personal number. For such cases, services exist where you can purchase a virtual number for a small fee.


Buy a Virtual Number for Foodpanda Registration

While there are many services selling virtual numbers online, dealing with Foodpanda can be challenging. The service is one such platform. Here, you can purchase a virtual number for receiving SMS for registration in food delivery services, as well as in social networks, messengers, etc. The cost of numbers generally starts from 1 ruble and depends on the country and mobile operator. In addition to affordable prices, pay attention to the simple and user-friendly web interface – even if you are visiting the site for the first time, registration, balance replenishment, and the purchase of a virtual number are unlikely to take more than 5 minutes. If anything is unclear or you have any questions, you can reach out to us in the chat.


Instructions for Purchasing Virtual Numbers


1. Register on

2. Open the menu and go to the «Payment» subsection.

3. Top up your balance using any convenient method from those presented.

4. You can get a phone either on the main page from a large list of numbers or in the personal account by clicking «Ordered Numbers».

5. If you're taking a number from the personal account, use the search on the left for convenience – enter the name of the desired number.

6. Copy the purchased phone number for SMS activation.

7. Now, enter it during registration and click «Next».

8. Copy the received code.

9. The creation of the new profile is complete.

Now you can order delicious food with delivery from the nearest cafe and restaurant. It took us about 4 minutes and minimal expenses. All personal data remains anonymous, and you can enjoy pleasant bonuses and discounts usually offered for first-time orders.