Discord - how to create unlimited accounts

Discord.ru is one of the most popular communication platforms that allows interaction online. Currently, Discord is shifting its focus from gamers to a mass audience; the website has undergone a redesign, and its user base is rapidly growing. The platform's audience has recently experienced significant growth, reaching approximately 100 million active users monthly. This application bears some resemblance to Skype or Slack, with its primary purpose being the exchange of messages, audio calls, and video communication.

Advantages of the Discord service


1. Users can create not only public but also private chat channels for message exchange.

2. The ability to organize voice conferences with Push-To-Talk functionality.

3. More precise sound transmission, automatic adjustment of amplification, and suppression of background noise.

4. Volume for each speaker is individually adjustable.

5. Integration with Steam, Skype, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, and others.

6. Users can like messages in the text chat.

7. Share your desktop with friends and conduct online broadcasts.

On the platform, users can freely exchange voice and text messages, send videos, and utilize features convenient for gamers, including displaying the titles of the games they are playing. During the period of forced isolation amid the pandemic, people started playing more video games and seeking ways for safe communication.

Discord's popularity is also attributed to the absence of advertisements. Instead of cluttering channels with useless and irritating information, Discord earns money through the Nitro subscription service. For $10 per month, users can customize tags next to their names, upload large files, and stream videos with higher quality.

Many users are interested in the possibility of creating multiple accounts on the platform. This question is particularly relevant when faced with profile blocking, organizing different events, or reluctance to provide personal information. To create such a profile, only an email address is required.

https://smsak.org/ provides virtual numbers for registration on almost all popular services globally. The cost of a number generally starts from 1 ruble. Users can choose their desired country and operator. After registration, you receive a fully functional account – remember the password and start using it.


How to create multiple Discord accounts?

As an example, let's create a new profile using a gmail.com email. Follow these steps:

1. Register on the website https://smsak.org/.

2. Select «Top up balance» from the menu on the right and enter the required amount.

3. Specify the country and operator.

4. Choose «Discord» (the service's logo is shown in the screenshot) and click «Get a number».

5. The virtual number for receiving SMS is purchased; now enter it in the corresponding field.

6. Fill in all the empty fields, including creating a login for your email.

7. Enter the details in the form with phone number confirmation.

8. An SMS will be sent to the number.

9. Enter the code in the corresponding field and click «Confirm».

In just 9 simple steps, which typically take users between 4 to 5 minutes even on their first visit to our website, you can create a second, third, and, in principle, an unlimited number of profiles. Only a code is required for confirmation, and the new account is already yours.