CLiQQ - registration using a virtual number

CLiQQ is the official mobile application from the popular 7-Eleven store chain, allowing customers to conveniently spend earned points on purchases.

Through communication channels, your team's work becomes visible, transparent, and efficient. The application accelerates your daily computer work by providing links to folders, files, programs, URLs, and command-line operations. It also offers window management, advanced clipboard manipulation, and note-taking capabilities.

CLiQQ PAY is the mobile wallet for 7-Eleven Philippines. Use your mobile phone for quick and convenient payments in stores, and earn points in the process!


Application Features

  • Message search
  • Private channels
  • Team video calls
  • Integration with Zoho applications
  • Notification settings
  • API support
  • Unified organizational catalog
  • Channel archiving, and more


Application Benefits

  • Virtual loyalty card barcodes are automatically provided to everyone. If you previously added a card, you will automatically receive a new virtual card. All the points you earn will be consolidated in your account.
  • Earn points by presenting the loyalty card barcode with every purchase at 7-Eleven.
  • View the rewards catalog and use your points or e-stamps.
  • Check point balances, e-stamps, and lotteries.
  • Send points, e-stamps, and rewards to friends.


Plans and Pricing

Zoho Cliqq is a powerful and useful application even without purchasing a paid package. Unlike most similar applications, you get the opportunity to use 100 GB of storage.


How to Use the Application

Each user who installs the CLiQQ application on their phone receives an individual QR code. All points accumulated through it will be displayed in your personal account. To earn points, present this QR code when paying for goods at 7-Eleven stores.

The main drawback of the application is the requirement to enter a phone number during registration. Of course, not everyone wants to disclose personal information on the internet. This issue is resolved by purchasing a virtual number. With it, you can receive SMS with the verification code and create a full-fledged account in the application.

The user-friendly interface of the service allows you to buy a virtual number and create an account in CLiQQ in just a few minutes.


How to Buy a Virtual Phone Number for CLiQQ Registration


To register in the application, follow a simple instruction:

1. Register on

2. Open the menu and go to the «Payment» subsection.

3. Top up your account with your preferred method.

4. Get a number either on the main page or in the personal account («Ordered Numbers»).

5. If you want to buy a virtual number from your personal account, for convenience, use the search bar.

6. Copy the purchased phone number, enter it during registration, and input the received confirmation code.

Creating an account took only about 3-4 minutes. On our website, you can also purchase virtual numbers for registration in popular messengers and social networks.