Free virtual number

Quite often, internet users come across information about the possibility of obtaining a free virtual number. This information is widespread, but it may not be immediately clear what it entails. In reality, it's quite simple. Users of internet services, particularly social networks, need to enter a code sent in a message to their phone to register on a website. This linkage is useful as it essentially provides reliable protection for all data on the account. However, there is a risk that all data may fall into the hands of spammers, who, in turn, inundate the user with a large amount of advertising information, causing discomfort.

To avoid such discomfort, you can use a virtual number to register on websites without providing your real phone number. Persistent advertisers won't be able to bother you in this case.


A free virtual number has other significant advantages:


  • With a virtual number, you can register on various websites. Some sites often limit the possibility of multiple registrations, following the principle that one number corresponds to one account. A virtual number allows you to create multiple accounts, including on VKontakte. This option is ideal for webmasters who view social networks not only as platforms for communication but also as excellent tools for promoting websites.
  • Not everyone is willing to disclose their phone number online, even if it's not visible to everyone. A free virtual number eliminates the need to expose your actual phone number.
  • Such a number provides essential protection against malicious actors. There are instances when you want to register on a website, but it requires entering real personal information. Not all such sites inspire trust, but with a virtual number, there's nothing to fear, and you can comfortably create fake accounts, even if the site poses a genuine threat.
  • Frequently, virtual numbers are used to participate in various promotions and free giveaways. Prizes are often awarded on a per-phone basis, allowing you to fully enjoy the process of receiving rewards.
  • There are also so-called regional restrictions. You might want to register on a site and participate in a specific project, but the opportunity doesn't arise because linking with a phone number is not possible. This issue often arises due to domestic messages not reaching foreign operators. A service providing virtual numbers can quickly resolve this problem.


User Guide


To work with a virtual number, simply use the service's offerings. In this case, there's no need to input personal data or undergo a complex registration process. Just review the list of available numbers. Next, select a suitable option—whether it's French or domestic. Then, accurately copy the number and input it on the resource's page. Following that, perform an SMS verification. Once the verification is successful, specific information tailored for the individual user will appear on the resource's page.

An additional feature of using the resource is that virtual numbers, used for receiving SMS messages, periodically change. This is crucial to consider. For instance, a record registered on one site might not be accessible after a month or two. Consequently, after some time, it won't be possible to review information sent to that specific number. Moreover, it won't be possible to retrieve the login and password in case of loss.


Why It's Possible to Obtain a Virtual Number


Any user of the service can obtain a virtual number. The availability of a large number of numbers is ensured by the service having access to a significant quantity of SIM cards from various providers. Regarding the term "virtual," the number is so named because it can only be used online, at the moment when the user accesses the site on the page where messages to the specified number will be visible.

It's essential to understand that virtual numbers are not used for illegal activities. Therefore, the service has the right to provide law enforcement agencies with all the data about users engaged in unlawful activities.