Registering Alibaba accounts using virtual numbers

Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce company that offers a diverse selection of suppliers to buyers at highly competitive prices. The platform operates differently from other e-commerce firms, directly connecting suppliers and buyers from around the world. Millions of products are sold by suppliers on the site at wholesale prices. provides equal opportunities in its catalog for finding importers, whether they are well-established brands with a long market presence or novice entrepreneurs.

To avail the services of the trading platform, registration is required. You need to enter your phone number, email, address, and country of residence. Products can be viewed in the national currency, and you can check the possibility and cost of shipping to your country or create a seller profile.

AliExpress, a subsidiary of Alibaba, requires no additional data input if you already have a profile there. The information transfer is automatic. For new users, a step-by-step registration process is necessary.


Official Alibaba Website: How to Register

To register, visit the site at and select the language at the very bottom of the site. Then click on «Join for free» in the top right corner.

The registration form will appear:

1. Country/Region: Select your country from the list.

2. Please select trade role: Choose between seller, buyer, or supplier.

3. Password: Create and enter a password.

4. Confirm password: Re-enter the password.

5. Company Name: This field is optional unless a company name is required.

6. Full name: Enter your name and surname in Latin letters.

7. Tel: Add your phone number.

Once all fields are filled, agree to the rules and click «Agree and register». The shipping address is added to your profile and should be entered in Latin letters.

For efficient business management, using multiple profiles for seller registration is a practical strategy. With multiple accounts, you can list the same product on the site, increasing the chances of selling.

Buying a Virtual Phone Number for Alibaba


Virtual numbers for registration on trading platforms, social networks, and messengers are available on The cost of most numbers starts from around 1 ruble.

To purchase a number:

1. Register on the website.

2. Choose «Top up balance» from the menu on the right and deposit the required amount.

3. Specify the country and operator.

4.  «Alibaba» and click «Take a number».

5. Copy the virtual number for SMS verification.

6. Paste the code in the corresponding field.

7. The new profile on the official Alibaba site is created. You can continue creating an unlimited number of accounts by purchasing additional numbers.

The registration process, balance top-up, and number purchase take an average of 3-4 minutes. If you have any questions after reading the instructions, feel free to ask in our support chat.