ZennoPoster, Zenoposter

Thank you for being interested in our program!
We are sure that it will bring you a lot of benefits - it will save time, resources and nerves.
Nowadays they sell many different programs for registering accounts, parsers, spammers, etc. They all depend on the Internet resource they are focused on; if something changes in the resource, you have to wait for a program update, or order changes at your own expense from freelancers, or figure it out and finish it yourself. They also sell many different accounts and services for filling them with content. We decided that all these programs and services can be combined into one system and allow the user to quickly set the desired functionality without being distracted by all sorts of little things, without studying programming systems and without wasting time on the same actions, because all these sold programs are inside perform very similar operations. Using our program, you can easily assemble the functionality you are interested in, which will not be inferior to similar ones in the programs sold. It takes very little time to understand our program, believe me, it will not be wasted!


Official page: http://www.zennolab.com/ru/products/zennoposter/pid/90fc4b24-2f57-4f41-8b43-ff75190e8b7a

A universal solution for any website




The main features of our program:
Your own Firefox engine
Auto-record projects
Convenient debugging of projects
Filling out forms
Treatment Dom
Drag-and-drop 2D editor (only with us! Reduces work time significantly)
Work with HTTP
Keyboard emulation (different for each thread)
Mouse emulation (different for each thread)
Disabling loading of images, flash, JS, advertising
Smart captcha loading
Search by image
Good and Bad outputs when executing a template
Recognition of captchas through third-party services
Captcha recognition using the CapMonster program
Hidden work of scripts
Silent operation of scripts (In Windows Vista and higher)
CodeCreator with a convenient script reactor
Check proxy using dozens of parameters
Filtering proxies before issuing by dozens of parameters
Screening out harmful proxiesи
Search for Public proxy using a special algorithm
C# snippets
Snippet tester with IntelliSense and code highlighting
JS tester with code highlighting
Working with FTP
ContextRecognition (for English texts)
Autoparser of articles
Registration confirmation by email with convenient settings
ZennoBox to launch individual bots
Protecting projects from copying
Automation Windows
Launching Windows applications with settings
Work with text
Working with Lists
Working with tables (CVS, exel)
Working with folders and files
Regular expression creator and tester
Profile generator (statistically correct)
Cleaning 11 types of cookies, including flash cookies for each thread
Dom page analysis
Auto-creation of page load checker
Clearing cache
Masking and changing any browser settings
Taking screenshots
Function Spintax
Use of third party services Spintax
A nick generator
Support for various logic when creating projects

ZennoPoster can be yours:
* Author of freehost accounts, soaps, social networks, blogs, etc. (automatic, semi-automatic)
* Bookmarker of social media networks
* Autofiller for blog networks, roads
* SMS sender
* Poster to forums
* Poster in signatures and profiles
* Poster for guest
* Checker for registered accounts
* A tracking system for Internet resources that interest you
* Counter cheater
* Server load emulator
* Human traffic emulator
* A tool for mass confirmation of registrations by email
* Search engine parser
* Parser of content from various resources
* Domain registrar

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