Registrar and filler of VKontakte accounts - Automatic VK Account Registration, Filling, and Promotion Program

  • Works with popular SMS activation services (,,, Sms-reg,com,,,,,,,,,, (service statistics).
  • Registration on your SIM cards is possible in a simplified mode (this mode works extremely fast).
  • Automatic installation of avatars with photo uniqueness.
  • Automatic filling of albums with randomized names.
  • The bot reposts from groups and individual profiles.
  • Configures privacy settings (immune to attacks from other spammers).
  • Provides personal information.
  • Sets workplace information.
  • Supports RUcaptcha, Xevil, CapMonster services.
  • Works in both single and multiple threads (depends on your ZennoPoster license type; without it, the limit is 5 threads).
  • Fills in personal details (books, music, movies, about me, interests, etc.).
  • Joins groups and communities.
  • Adds music from the «Popular» section.
  • Automatically searches for numbers in all selected services and countries.
  • Sends accounts to Telegram.


We have been operating since 2015. After purchase, you gain access to the Skype chat with over two hundred program users.